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Today i will talk about the pride of our nation, our airforce the PAF (Pakistan AirForce) .

Personal Experience

I want all my community friends to know that my father is a retired airmen from Pakisan Airforce .

He served 24 years ,and devoted his time and hard work on protecting us and our beloved country Pakistan.


Life in Airforce

While he was serving we got many facilities by the government of pakistan .We were given free medical treatment . These 24 years we resided in PAF bases .
Every 4 years we were posted to a new city ,we had to get admission in new schools and make new friends ..
It was very exploring and very delightful experience that PAF gave us .



This is a plane known as C-130 .It is used for carrying passengers.
I travelled in it once . This is an official airplane of Pakistan Airforce.No civilians can board the plane only service personale and there respective families are allowed to board on this plane .



This is an aircraft used in the 1965 war .It is located near Air War college in PAF Base Faisal Karchi..




This was the review of aircrafts of Pakistan Airforce .
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Welcome to Steemit Pakistan.

C-130 rides are most exhilarating. Civilians get surprised when I tell them there are no seat belts in the plane, not even proper seats to begin with. Most of the passengers spend the flight standing. Haha

Good to have you here with us. Looking forward to more content.

26.10.2021 06:53

Yes they are and thankyou very much for your support✨❤

26.10.2021 08:42