Achievement3 by qadeerarif546// Task content etiquette

I have completed my achievement1 and 2 Achievements. Today I am going to do my achievement3. I try to do my Achievement3 completely and prepare good content.
I'm going to start my Achievement3.


What is Plagiarism:

First of all, I would like to tell you about theft, what is theft and how many types there are.
In my opinion, plagiarism usually means stealing someone's content because it is wrong. Someone's written content should not be stolen at all.

Complete plagiarism :

It is generally believed that the biggest cause of theft is when we completely steal someone's written data. Copying someone else's prepared data and putting it in our post would be the biggest reason. And this is the biggest mistake that is considered and accepted.
Therefore, not everyone should completely steal another person's data. Create your own content according to your mind.

Direct plagiarism?

The method of direct plagiarism is usually used by people when they do not have any material in mind, then they steal the material written by another author and try to shape it into their own form.
The opinion is that all these copied methods should be avoided and write according to your hard work.

Mosaic plagiarism?

This theft is used by the author when he has no idea, then he steals another person's title and puts it in his post, so it is wrong, the copied data is known immediately.

Accident plagiarism

Accidental theft occurs when the author incorporates written material into another person's material. These are usually mistakes and they forget that accidental theft happens but this accidental theft is in theft which has to be avoided.

How can we avoid plagiarism?

I think we should not steal anyone's written data. We should prepare our post according to our mind. If we steal data from someone's websites, then the websites are fully known to him. Theft is considered. Which brings us a lot of shame and can do us a lot of harm.
So we should avoid all these things.

Why plagiarism wrong?

We should not copy too much data to avoid the vinegar charge because it is wrong and considered theft.
So use your intelligence and prepare your post based on your hard work.

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