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            Assalamualaikum /Hy steamers

I am sO happy to be a part of this fabulous platform.
This is a wonderful platform to propagate the zeal of people.
About my Self My name is Qadeer arif. My father name is M.Arif. I am pakistan e and I am a Muslim. I belong punjab. I speak Urdu and punjabi language and I went to become an a able person. About Study. I am doing Ads in boys collage Deare.

      I have also passed computer 🖥️💻 Operator diploma in2021from


Sport's I am fond of playing cricket.
Planting and reading books and my hobbes.
I also spend my extra time in the company of my friends and computer 💻. I went to say bundle of thanks to Steemit community for having me in the platform. Beast Regards **

@cryptokannon @booming.01

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