How we've turned 2 Litecoins into 2000 LTC


You can earn a percentage of our profits and many other benefits by becoming our referral on bitsler, We pay you back 50% of our referral commission on a consistent basis and that is based on your wagering amount which is usually a lot higher than your actual balance or deposits.

Beside prerequisites, this session used only 2 LTC and we started recording when we've reached 50 LTC then we've earned more than 2000 LTC all in less than 3 hours and this didn't happen by chance. We don't have that gambling spirit and quite frankly these casinos aren't "provably fair" as they claim. We are specialized in actuarial science and artificial intelligence and we've spent the past years developing a sophisticated AI system which focuses on mitigating the risk and highly increases the probability of making right choices at the right time depending on countless factors but this was for playing fair and we were shocked to see the capabilities we've reached by utilizing this against "unfair" casinos as we've turned the tide against them and had the edge on our side . We've been hard at work lately adding every possible scenario you could ever think of and exploiting the best chances while simultaneously keeping it as simple as it gets for the end-user. As more users join our system it's getting much more powerful each day and those who've played by the rules are extremely happy with the results.

Just so you don't waste your time, this video ONLY shows the result and there's NOTHING to conclude from it.

For a more detailed general idea about this, please check the following video & article:

Our system is effective on all games and websites as well as other use cases. We never ask for any credentials or private data, users maintain complete control over their funds and are given their own credentials to access our system.

Of course, there are lots and lots of things that were left uncovered in this introduction. For more info and if you'd like to join, contact us at:

Thank you all for the love and support :) it means the world to us ❤ wish you all the best❤

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