Peace elite: three very difficult titles to win, this title is pure luck

Small make up believe that every game in the game after the end of the game, there will be some brands! And did the players ever think about how they got those CARDS? It was based on all the players did in each game. There may be players who do quests specifically for this brand. For example, how many boxes are there to get the title of samsung. Players have been landing boxes for this title, which is easy to obtain in the game. In addition to the simple titles players can get, there are some very difficult to get, sometimes it is really a matter of luck, no luck is impossible. Today I'd like to share with you the three hardest titles among peace elites.

Come and help me

Believe in the game, players or teammates have been knocked down experience! Being picked up by a teammate after being knocked down, but players should be knocked down less often in a game and lifted up less often. On the other hand, this title is very difficult to obtain, which requires players to be lifted up more than three times by a teammate in a game, which not only requires a timely support of teammates, but also requires the enemy after knocking you down, not immediately replace. Maybe players in the game, as long as a player knocked out, no matter how they have to knock out the player. And teammates not only to support in time, but also have a more powerful strength, to knock down the enemy, and finally to help themselves up.

I think it is very difficult to win this title in the game, and the players are not so bad luck, basically is to fall once or twice, because after being knocked down, the speed of blood will be accelerated, after the advantage of teammates can not save, so this title is still difficult to obtain.

Body stroke artist

There may be one title that players often get in the game -- master body stroker, but there's another title that's a little bit closer to that, and that's body stroker, which is harder to get than master stroker. Stroke master, players only need to face the machine but do not hit to earn this title, and stroke painter, need a shuttle, after automatic scanning, only one shot to hit the enemy can earn this title.

Small make up think this title is actually available, also relatively simple, is to see how to control the players themselves. This title small make up in the game have been several times, do not know is their own poor skills, or because of what, finally after the game, there will be such a title.

The chosen of the chicken

This title, if the players get it, is really lucky, there is no reason, god to your arrangement, only to accept it. The unlock method of this title is very difficult. It requires the player not to defeat an = enemy in a game, and not to shoot in the final round. The opponent is eliminated for other reasons, and only by successfully eating chicken can the player obtain this title. Your teammates have to be three or four to get it. One star Chen hao is very easy to obtain, if these titles, all players have samsung, then you must be a big guy.

I think it is very difficult to get the chicken chosen by god in the game, because players play this game in order to let themselves finally eat the chicken, so whether in the final round, or in the general game, they will crazy output, and then beat the enemy, finally into the final round, to eat the chicken.

There may be a lot of difficult titles in the game, but there are some titles players don't want to win, but because of their poor skills, they don't stick to a few seconds after landing, they are defeated by other players. Players think that in the game there are those titles are difficult to obtain, feel free to leave a comment.

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