Cryptonians know all about bitcoin and its possibilities but the mainstream public hasn’t bought in just yet. The fear and doubt Meter is high which is an indicator of the current community of the insecurity of scams, manipulation of the market etc. However it should be known that fiat has been and is under the highest level of scamming and manipulation. Bitcoin poses to equalize theses sentiments and has a lower level of scam/msnipuyin comoarison to fiat and poses to enable the everyday person the ability to gain rather than lose in a banking market charging enormous fees for the storage of funds where in cases of crypto returns for storing funds exceed greatly that of banks...hmmm no wonder the banks are against there customers using crypto yet banks are investing. The important takeawtis that crypto has the ability to make you more fiat but if you are a true crypto maximalist you know to hold on to it because the crypto has far far more potential. To my cryptonians HODL, as you know a big day is coming as when gold use switched to fiat. Praise bitcoin!!!!

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