Contest Idea Challenge - Create The Best 7 Day Competition - BEST STEEMIT INFOGRAPHICS !!!

First of all, greetings. I am @pygmalion34 I am a student and part time researcher. First of all, we thank this contest event for the support of @steemitwarriaror, @tatjanastan and @dobartim. The contest will only be submitted as an idea. If I win, maybe we can organize such a competition. Thank you from now.

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Contest Topic

👉First of all, we will investigate what is an infographic and how it is made. Actually, Infigrophic means to illustrate something that you are going to describe. By telling with pictures.
👉The aim is to illustrate the Steemit Platform by illustrating it. Meanwhile, Improving Our Technological Skills.
👉The competition is as written on the poster.
👉The best infographic explaining the Steemit Platform will be made.
👉An infographic to describe Steemit in the infographic or suitable for the Steemit Platform.
👉Please clearly state what you do not understand under the p post.

  • Infogrhics are made on anything. These are election votes, information about population etc. You will make an Infographic on Steemit. I want you to describe Steemiti in pictures. For example, which countries use steemite? But I want you to have them illustrated. The competition is very simple. Any Infographic Based On Stteemit.

    • I propose you a site where you can create a free infographic with a nice pass.1. Canva 2. Visme3. Piktochart
    blog çzgim.png

    blog çizgim.png

    Competition Rules

    ⇝Allowed anywhere in the world, including your home country.
    ⇝The Infographics you prepare should be special to you. Never copy or take it from somewhere and pretend it is your own. :)
    ⇝Infographics will be simple and illustrated without being too complex. You will tell about Steemit.
    ⇝Your post must be in English.
    ⇝You need to put your post link down in the comments.
    ⇝You need to resteem this post.
    ⇝Invite at least 3 friends. For example, I invite my friends @mehroz, @recush and @razzor.
    ⇝Infographics will be reviewed one by one. Unfortunately, plagiarism will not be taken into account.
    ⇝Sharing your content from any social media. Attach the proof to your post :)
    ⇝You need to follow @pygmalion34, @steemitwarrior, @dobartim, @tatjanastan on steemit.
    ⇝You need to be a part of the Steem Schools discord server, you can do this by joining through this link
    ⇝You need to be a part and only post your post in the Steem Schools community.

    blog çizgim2.png


    ♛ 1st place - 25 STEEM
    ♛ 2nd place - 12 STEEM
    ♛ 3rd place - 8 STEEM
    ♛ There will be 1 STEEM share to 5 contestants.

    Thank you for your support. @steemitwarrior, @dobartim, @tatjanastan
    blog çizgim.png

    blog çizgim.png

    To Reach Me:

    Follow :)
    To a better tomorrow with Steemit - Kopya.png

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Example, Infographic
This is an infographic. I want you to do any infographic like this, but with the STEEMIT topic. Explain, promote, show with pictures the Steemit Platform.


24.04.2021 21:20

I like your idea.

25.04.2021 07:02

Thank you. If I am elected, I will hold the contest. Our aim is to promote the Steemit Platform well and to come to good places. Steem On :)

25.04.2021 13:05

Thanks for iniviting

25.04.2021 08:22

You are welcome :) Steem On.

25.04.2021 13:06


WhatsApp Image 2021-04-25 at 16.22.09.jpeg

25.04.2021 13:24

Güzel bir yarışmaya benziyor. Sizi kutluyorum. Katılanlara başarılar diliyorum 🙏🏻

25.04.2021 14:25

Teşekkür ederim :) Aslında şuan Fikir Yarışması, seçilme aşamasında bu içerik. Seçilirsem Steemit Kullanıcıları için bu yarışmayı düzenleyeceğim. Ve tabii tüm dostlarımızın da katılmasını çok isteriz :))

25.04.2021 14:28

Seçilmenizi diliyorum. Başarılar diliyorum

25.04.2021 14:56


25.04.2021 15:29

Thank you my friend :)) Steem on.

25.04.2021 17:34

you are always wellcome.

25.04.2021 18:53

Good İdea.

25.04.2021 15:35

Thank you, Steem on. :))

25.04.2021 17:33

Çok güzel düşünmüşsün umarım sen kazanırsın ☺️👍

25.04.2021 16:55

Teşekkür ederim, hep birlikte kazanıyoruz :))

25.04.2021 17:32

This is a unique contest idea, I like the concept @pygmalion. Describing steemit with pictures...

Is the contest now open for participation?

25.04.2021 19:10

Hi friend :)

The contest is only at the idea stage now. If I am elected in 3 days, I will do it at Steem Schools with @steemitwarriaror support. Thank you for supporting me. It will be nice to introduce the Steemit Platform with infographic :)
25.04.2021 19:40

Güzel bir fikirmis. Tebrik ederim.

25.04.2021 19:14

Çok teşekkür ederim hocam :))

25.04.2021 19:42

Çok güzel bi fikir yapmak istersen sponsor olabilirim. Steemcontestclub ta paylaşabilirsin 🙏

25.04.2021 23:42

teşekkür ederim abi :))
Contest Club topluluğunda da yapacağız inşallah :))

26.04.2021 09:59

Başarılar dilerim..

27.04.2021 11:28

Teşekkür ederim, saygılarımla :))

27.04.2021 15:21

Thanks friend @pygmalion34 for the invitation. Without a doubt I will be participating, and I invite my friends @marianavila @yariadnis @juan2017 ... Good luck to all.

28.04.2021 19:17

Hello my dear friend @recush :)
This is an incentive idea not an activity now, but if I win, I will share the news of the competition with you. I think you start the infographic right now :D ;)

28.04.2021 20:29

I agree with you and your idea .

29.04.2021 17:57

Thank you very much, I hope I win and see your great infographic. :=)

29.04.2021 18:57