The Oldest Coffee Shop in the City of Denpasar


If you ever visit Denpasar\, then you should not miss the oldest coffee located in Gajah Mada street\. But first let me tell you about Denpasar city\. Denpasar come from the word \den\ and \pasar\  which means north of the market\. It referred to the location of Denpasar kingdom almost a century ago\, because it was located north of market\.

Nowadays, Denpasar has become the capital city of Bali. Despite the advancement of technology, it still holds the the old tradition. When you go to the town center, all the buildings you see still reflect Balinese architecture. You can see in temple, market, office and shops.

insert ImgThe building in Denpasar reflects Bali traditional architecture.

The Coffee Shop Called Bhineka Djaya

In this review I would like to take you to my favorite coffee shop in Denpasar.  This coffee shop is not a merely coffee shop. it is also a coffee producer which has started in 1935. The coffee shop was opened years  later, after the brand become popular.

The brand is called Butterfly Globe Coffee, and the company which produced this is called Bhinneka Jaya ltd. This company collect the finest coffee beans from an area called Kintamani Bali and other region of Indonesia , to process, and package the coffee. They also produced the wellknown luwak coffee.

When I stepped in to the coffee shop, it was just after 9 in the morning. I know the shop at 9 AM so I had to plan my time to arrive there at this time. And I could not go in the evening because the cafe close at 3 PM.

I sat down on a chair facing a round table in front of me. When I tried to look for a menu, one of the waiter called me telling that I could choose the coffee I want near the cashier.

He handed me piece of laminated paper which selection of coffee available on it. I took it from him and said I needed time to choose. It's all Bali coffee served in different way. I choose cappuccino.

The waiter excused himself and disappeared into a room behind the cashier. I had a chance to look around the cafe.

The shop also provide roasted coffee placed in different boxes. Each coffee was labeled with letters. The better grade coffee is supposed to taste better hence the price would be more expensive.

insert Img
Coffee of different quality was placed in different boxes. 

According to the waiter, Arabica coffee is considered better quality. Robusta was cheaper, and regarded to have lower quality than Arabica so the price is less.

Most the coffee consumed in Bali are Robusta., It taste more bitter, and a bit more acidic. But this is my personal
opinion only.
insert Img
Packages of Bali coffee ready to buy.

insert Img
Varieties of coffee makers.

Happy workers, they talked and laughed with the customers.

The coffee is packaged in cans

insert Img
Choose your coffee package.

On the shop, you can also buy different type of coffee makers. But probably less people would look at those coffee makers, they just come here for drinking coffee. And the Balinese people mostly don't need coffee maker to make coffee. Just put the coffee on a cup, pour some hot water, and the coffee is ready to drink.

The waiter brought me the cappuccino. He put the cup on the table. And I grabbed my camera to take photos., Well, it's the same like cappuccino from anywhere else, but this was made of local Bali coffee. So, that will make quite a difference.

insert Img
My Balinese cappuccino

insert Img
The cappuccino looked beautiful.

I was there with my wife. She ordered tea with milk., She was not a big coffee drinker. I am the ultimate coffee drinker.
As I sipped  the cappuccino, I begin to feel the caffeine and the cream kicking me. It tasted good. And I feel energized. I could begin to see more clearly. Well, I am sure this was just my feeling, but it was a good feeling.

I saw more people coming. They were workers, university students, and travelers. They  just sat there for a long time enjoying their coffee while talking with their friends and seeing the traffic passing by in the street in front of the shop.

I feel that the coffee shop was a suitable for people to have a rest after working during the midday. People that want to have their energy charged again after working in the office. It is also a great place to have coffee after exploring the town when needing time to relax.

The Neighborhood of the Coffee Shop

One thing that makes this coffees shop is interesting is that it is located quite in the centre of Denpasar. Just in a walking distance, there is a big river called Tukad Badung, and the market called Pasar Badung. While another five hundred meters there is the Square called Lapangan Puputan Badung where many of the local spend their time, relaxing and talking with friends. I saw some junior high school students who just come out from their school ran to the food street sellers nearby in Puputan Square.

You could actually visit these places after having coffee at the shop. That's what I did when I was there.
insert Img One of the backstreet in Denpasar nearby the coffee shop Bhinneka Djaya

Sitting with friends in Puputan square, walking distance from the coffee shop.

IMG_1870.jpg The fight till the end statues in Puputan Square, also in walking distance from the coffee shop.insert Img
The river that runs through Denpasar  named Tukad Badung just few meters west of The coffee shop.

All tight, if you ever come to Denpasar, come and visit the Bhinneka Djaya coffee shop and make your walking trip around the city.

Restaurant Information

Bhineka Djaya Coffee Shop
Jl. Gajah Mada No.80, Dauh Puri Kaja, Kec. Denpasar Utara, Kota Denpasar, Bali 80111, Indonesia

The Oldest Coffee Shop in the City of Denpasar
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