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Pasu Terracotta (Pots Made Of Clay)

Good evening steemit friends ... I hope steemit friends are always in good health and work successfully at steemit, this is the photo i want to share.


The terracotta pot itself is a pot made of earthenware that is burned so that it is given a red-brown or terracotta color. This pot is also known as the earthenware pot, its distinctive color makes this pot much coveted.

In addition, the shape is now also fairly varied, not only round, other unique shapes are now easier to find, besides adding a fresh impression, the presence of this pot is also considered to add aesthetic impression, especially when combined with exotic plants.

This unique pot also has weaknesses, of course, this pot is prone to breaking, earthenware pots are very sensitive because of their fragile material such as ceramic. Slightly misplaced or touched by a cat, the pot immediately breaks. In contrast to plastic pots, this pot is also quite heavy despite its small size, so if you want to put it on a shelf, make sure the shelf is sturdy and strong, position the pot more inside so it doesn't fall easily.

In Indonesia, clay objects have been known since prehistoric times, from the time of cultivation (neolithic) to the period of negagian (paleometallic). The evidence, among others, for neolithic pottery found in Kendeng Lembu (East Java), in Kelapa Dua (DKI Jakarta), in Serpong (West Java) and so on. For example, paleometallic pottery in Indonesia is found in Anyer and Buni (West Java), in Plawangan and Mount Wingko (Central Java), in Gilimanuk (Bali), in Melolo (Sumba), and so on.

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