Crisp Chicken Friend to Perfection


If you want to have chicken that is crisp and fried to perfection, delicious with natural flavours then Max's is your to go place...No lie.
Max's has been my favorite ever since ........ i cant remember, probably 6 years now and my to go set meal has always been the one with a generous portion of crisp fried chicken , pancit canton, a cup of rice and caramel bar for your dessert. I love this meal not only because its got all my faves in, its inexpensive as well.

That caramel bar is winner, the pancit is the among the best i have had in this country and the chicken is friend to perfection, the rice, well its just rice.

On this day, i was with my dearest friend , so decided to explore the menu a little bit.

This meal was interesting, i mean cucumbers, mixed with green mangoes, and i think there was a fishy spice as well (Bagoong) which made it taste even waay better, with the star ingredient being fish or chicken, i really dont rememebr, i dont remember the exact name of the dish either , but it wa sa good try...loved it.


This was just fried rice, nothing special to it.

May I add that in this particular branch , the staff were really friendly and interactive, could also be because my friend is very engaging on conversations with almsot everybody he meets, but the experience on that day was great, we made some great connections, laughed a little and took some nice photos for keep sake .
If you are based in the apahilippines, would be nice to hear about your Max's experience.
kindly share below in the comments.


Restaurant Information

Max's Restaurant
GCA Building, 13 Gov. M. Cuenco Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

Crisp Chicken Friend to Perfection
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