Eat like a Local


visiting my favorite Place in the whole of Philippines, witht the ladies on a surf trip, we discovered this New gem with great tasting food, i mean really great, that i ended up eating from again and again untill i left the island.
Its a very new addition to the amazing restaurants in the General luna area, Surf capitol of the Philippines, siargao.


With massive hunger from energy spent on surfing, we almost ordered for everything on their summerized menu. I mean why not, with an affordable menu like that? so affordable that i am convinced its among the most affordable eateries i have visited in the egenral luna area, siargao.
we had some pork bbq, eggplant salad, spareribs, fish kinilaw, and their sisig, which i cant see on the menu display. this was the best eat ever, because we forgot to take photos of the food(mostly because we were HUNGRY), but also cleared everything, i mean everything, and its unlike us. I was sleptical about the eggplant salad as it sounded bizzare to me but it was great, the kinilaw was fresh, witht he right amount of "calamansi" and "silli".. the heat in this dish was the right amount of peppepr one needs in their i cant believe i am saliating as i type this.
The star dish for me though was the sisig, best i have ever had in my entire stay in the Philipppines. that sisig was Bomb.

Yep, i forgot to take photos of the food on all occasions i visited this place, and on my last day on the island, as i had my last meal... i rememebred tot ake this photo as 'proof", its the best i could really.. but i kid you not, you will not be dissapointed, especially if you are seeling for some greeat local filipinno BBQ and foods, in the typical filipino way.

See, they actually emphasize that you enjou the experience of their mouth watering foods like a local. my special tip is use your Hands.. hehehe.

I also loved how thry took it upon themselves to artistically include on their wall decor the porpoer way to mix the sauces, calamansi and pepper "the filipino way", inorder to have tthe best expereince of their food, especiallyt he BBQ.

Excuse my camera, and my poor photography skills ..
the setting is very Islandy... wooden seats, open space and cool music and vibes, cold beer and great breeze, just make sure you have their best experience with your favorite people... to heighten the effect of the whole ordeal.
trust me, you wount go wrong, unless they degrade their standards.

its been my pleasure giving you this review,
untill my next one..
Remain aaaaaaaawesome.

Restaurant Information

Tourism Rd, General Luna, Surigao del Norte, Philippines

Eat like a Local
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