Best Korean BBQ in Cebu.


I think my 3rd korean Bbq restaurant trial and my absolute favorite among the ones i have tried. They restaurant is very modern looking, premium service, lots of side dishes, for a very reasonable price.

Lucky for me, my friends are Foodies, and self procalimed experts in Korean cuisine, so introducing my palettes to these new dishes was made easy for me because of them. Korean bbq is my absolute favorite and just the whole manner of feasting the Korean way is fascinating .
as seen on the photo was our spread for the day. i loved everything, i mean everything aside from the cold noodles. my friends loved and enjoyed the cold noodles , they infact said it was the best, for me, its just not my taste, i guess. i feasted on the meat though, pork and beef, kimchi, the vegetables, the viands all was just mouth watering. Their food tastes great.

Best way to enjoy korean food is with great company, chill vibes, and lots of laughters.

Iam learning on how to pronounce the Korean foods in Korean.. no rush.. baby steps..

With most of the Korean restaurants i have expereinced, people indulge in the preparation and roasting of the bbq and the viands, but in Kaya, they have everything set for you, you can even request for thr bbq to be grilled and cut for you, if you do not feel like indulging.

So far, in my opinion, if one would love to indulge in korean bbq and have the best experience, i'd definitely suggest Kaya.
Its so good, that you have to call and reserve way in advance if as the tables get filled up really quick. Best to go there as early as possible, we had ours reserved for 6pm.

any cool korean food spots you would recommend in Cebu? please share in the comments below.

and Untill my next food review, remain awesome.


Restaurant Information

F. Cabahug St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

Best Korean BBQ in Cebu.
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The food looks good. Thanks for sharing.

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