The Cowrie Cove.



Seriously, what else would SCREAM romance that this ambiance? I stumbled upon this Jewel of a spot just Last week , I would have kept it a secret, but I am good person, and loves to share.

This is a perfect place to spark and kindle a a non existent love, start a new steamy Romance and light up the spark in a dying love.
It’s An Uplifted restaurant, kinda like a cove, hence its name. Up above it , you get a perfect ocean view on the right side and a long spread of a powdery white sandy beach on the left, .
This Gem of a place only opens by 6pm , and dinner is only served under the candle light? Mmhhhh now you know and get the reason why I really think this is a GEM for two souls to connect.

Clean too, very clean. The staff are well trained and offer premium service.


The Menu here is very continental, with a foreign Chef, the music
Is Cool , calming and trendy, perfect
For The occasion. With the open space, brings a clean fresh breeze during dinner. They have a perfect selection of liquor and Wines that would go Perfect for the occasion.

This Gems perfection Is not only in the ambiance within the Cove but even the entrance is welcoming.


As you walk in, you are Welcomed With lots of greenery, some of which as it turns out are herbs homely grown for the restaurant use, how amazing!

Right before the entrance to
The cove, you get this jungle vibe as there are torches of fire guarding the entrance and a beautiful fish pond filled with beautifully colored fish species, what pre treat, right?


This place is located inside a world
Know Hotel and resort , the Shangrila.. what else would scream prefer spot
For A blind date rather than this?

Restaurant Information

Cowrie Cove
Punta Engaño Rd, Cebu, 6015 Cebu, Philippines

The Cowrie Cove.
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17.07.2019 21:34

Wow! Those sofas really does looks so comfortable.

18.07.2019 08:02

They really were! Clean as well. thanks for stopping by.

19.07.2019 08:14

Love to go to this place!

18.07.2019 13:20

it definitely will be worth the visit. thanks for stopping by.

19.07.2019 08:14

That looks like a very nice place. I would love to go there if I visit Cebu. I think you should show also some of the meals that they serve there. Thanks for sharing this

18.07.2019 14:51