Greasy Goodness


You know there are those days when you crave for nothing else but just fat, greasy and unhealthy but very delicious goodness? Yess this restaurant satisfies those craves for me. It not only caters for the night call center workers, police men and students who are studying out late , but also cates for the drunkards that are trying to get something hearty down their throats in the wee hours of the morning. This particular branch works 24hrs and it’s in the best location in the city, very easily accessible.
They serve very simple snack like
Meals that are very satisfying . They got all types of Silogs one can think off. My favorite is the Sisigsilog, my utmost favorite that I haven’t been moved to try anything else on their menu.
Aside from all the above mentioned, their meals are very, very affordable. Here’s a sneak pick of Thor menu and prices , to give you an idea.

I mentioned that they have all the Silogs you can think off, right? Where the menu above is the proof you need.


Their meals are so affordable that you will have p100 ($2), and you will be able
To Order for one of the silog meals and stil have extra for other side.
For such kind of prices, of course you shouldn’t expect to receive premium service of star quality restaurant, definitely not. Infact, it’s one of those places that are a bit “shitty” , but you will have to put all your “class” and “standards” aside because your stomach is the Boss and they hold the key to the heart. If you are familiar with a common “Tanzanian” believe that the most ghetto-est looking eateries or restaurants , have the most delicious food, then this place would be a perfect example for that.



They are available for delivery on Grab as well, but of course we he prices are slightly higher , if you choose the delivery option.
Silogan Ni Gian is the real deal.

The first photo shows how my food was served, I spread the half cooked York all over the pork sisig and all the greasy and spicy good stuff and what I got was all glorious. My mouth and taste buds danced in excitement.
If you are in the mood for a hearty meal on a dollar, this is definitely your to go place.

Thanks for passing by.
Untill our next review.

Gwantwa .

Restaurant Information

Silogan Ni Giani
Arlington Pond St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

Greasy Goodness
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10.07.2019 17:25

Grease or not, what matters is food tastes good.

11.07.2019 00:35

The most important thing is that the food is tasty!

11.07.2019 12:34