I Won A Prize!!!

During my cousin’s 60th birthday which was a retro or 70’s theme they had prizes for best dressed - 5 stand fans 3 flat irons and some gift certificate at their Spa. It was fun and colorful. I won a stand fan, sort of a double winner, being one of the best dressed and my mom as the oldest guest at 94, the oldest living relative.

There were also trivia questions to also win gift certificates for a day at the spa. It was fun, lots of laughter, singing and dancing, all the oldies but goodies.


Nice color, I think the blades are 12 or 14 inche but still good. Actually mostly cousins won because we really made an effort. Some who wore just flared skirts and headbands won the flat irons.


My cousin carrying his grandson and his wife also won an electric fan. Worth the effort with matching wig and even dressing up his grandson.


These 3 also won, my cousin in the middle with his wife and daughter. They mentioned it on the invitation to come in your best because there will be prizes, I guess some did not believe or some were too lazy. We had more than a week to prepare. It doesn’ have to be expensive, you could borrow or like me I bought cheap accessories to boost up the costume.

It was fun and good memories. I will be 60 next year but maybe just a simple celebration for me.


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21.08.2019 09:42

That's a really clever way to throw a party! I love the photos!

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21.08.2019 11:56

thanks so much fun

21.08.2019 13:37

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21.08.2019 13:18