1 TRX = $0.095 USD -- Is it really going to sleep any time soon?

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(Charts by TradingView)

As of mid-September, Tron's alligator rose quickly and exceeded $0.12. However, it suddenly corrected and fell until it reached almost $0.08, but then rose again until today.

On the other hand, the MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) oscillator seems to be in a bearish position. This implies that the price of this asset is falling.

Meanwhile, the Stochastic RSI (Relative Strength Index) oscillator seems to be moving from neutral to oversold territory. This indicates that the market price is lower than it should be.

And in the graph below, we can see that the price of Bitcoin is currently rising rapidly. And usually, the ups and downs of the bitcoin price pulls the prices of other altcoins.

At this point, the alligator's mouth, which had originally opened slightly upward, seems to have begun to close. Is it really going to sleep any time soon?

Let's continue following the adventure of this Tron alligator.

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