1 TRX = $0.09 USD -- Is it really going down more and more?

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Since early October, the Tron alligator rose slowly through mid-November to over $0.12. After that it experienced a price correction until now.

Then, the MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) oscillator seems to be in a bearish position. This means that the price of this asset is falling.

Meanwhile, the Stochastic RSI (Relative Strength Index) oscillator seems to be in the oversold area. This indicates that the market price of this asset is below its intrinsic price.

On the other hand, in the chart below, we can see that the price of Bitcoin rose rapidly, but has since been correcting. And usually, bitcoin price fluctuations are followed by other altcoin prices.

At this time, the alligator's mouth looks wide open downwards. Is it really going down and down more and more?

Let's continue following the adventures of this Tron alligator.

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Comments 3

its not that bad ive been in tron since day 1 its started so low hehehe..

anyway i came here to say -> I opened a tron -> steem automatic exchange

send minimum 10 tron
Put your steem username in the memo field without the @ symbol.

The bot will process your transaction / calculate the steem to return and send it to the account.

Check here for more info

(@steemegg is my main account so you know Im not just some scammer.)


29.11.2021 17:38

Wonderful.. So your bot is running both on Tron and Steem.. 😁

30.11.2021 12:34

hehe no this is a different service. This is an exchange you send tron to that specific address. and the script monitors the tron blockchain and waits for incomming transactions. when one occurs, it calculates how much steem it is worth, and sends that ammount back to the address sent in the memo.

30.11.2021 15:37