1 TRX = $0.0798 USD -- Will It Bounce Back Soon?

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(Chart by TradingView)

Until early April, the Tron alligator slept between support at $0.04 and resistance at $0.068. Then it rose quickly, hunting for prey, until about April 25 and stopped at $0.18 resistance. The alligator then seemed to sleep again between support at $0.1 and resistance at $0.17 until about May 18. After that, it quickly reversed downward until it was stuck at the $0.05 support level.

Meanwhile, the Stochastic RSI oscillator, which has been in oversold territory for more than 10 days, is starting to move toward neutral. This shows that investors, who had been selling a lot, are starting to buy.

On the lower chart, we see that bitcoin, which was in free-fall, has begun to bounce back up. And usually bitcoin price movements will be followed by other altcoin prices.

Now the alligator's mouth is still wide open downward, but it is also beginning to show signs that it is closing. Will the alligator Tron close its mouth and go to sleep? Or will hso:

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Tron akan indah pada waktunya, dan

Aku memprediksikan kenaikan SBD akan lebih tinggi dari pada tahun 2017 lalu, jika kemarin BTC masih normal dan tidak terjadi hujan pada grafik maka SBD akan 2 kali lipat dari itu, itu hanya pemikiran saja 😃

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