1 STEEM = $0.617 USD -- Is it going to move up again?

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(Charts by TradingView)

Until mid-September, the Steem alligator rose rapidly to surpass $0.6. However, it suddenly corrected and fell to almost touch $0.4, but then rose again strongly to this day.

Meanwhile, the MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) oscillator seems to be in a bullish position. This implies that the price of this asset is rising.

On the other hand, the Stochastic RSI (Relative Strength Index) oscillator seems to be in the overbought area. This indicates that the market price of this asset is higher than its intrinsic price.

While in the chart below, we see the price of bitcoin is soaring. And usually the ups and downs of the bitcoin price will be followed by the prices of other altcoins.

At this time, the mouth of the alligator, which was originally closed, seems to have begun to open upwards. Is it really going to move up again?

Let's continue to follow this Steem alligator adventure.

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Comments 2

Bisa jadi 1 steem = 1 USD ? Atau lebih?

05.11.2021 05:40

Semoga.. 😁

05.11.2021 10:48