1 STEEM = $0.517 USD -- Whoa, It's Still Going Down!! 😱

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Until March 20, the Steem alligator seemed to sleep between $0.4 support and $0.67 resistance. Then it rose quickly, prey-hunting, by April 22 and stopped at $1.5 resistance.

The alligator then fell slightly and went back to sleep until mid-May between $0.75 support and $1.47 resistance. After that it fell quickly until it was stuck at support at the $0.4 level.

Meanwhile, the Stochastic RSI oscillator is in neutral territory. It shows that the price of the asset is in line with its true value. This means that as long as investors do not change their buying and selling behavior.

At the bottom of the chart we see that the bitcoin price is still in free fall. While bitcoin's price movement is usually always accompanied by the price movement of other altcoins.

Currently, the alligator's jaw looks wide open to the downside, and there are no signs of a close yet. Is it really coming down the hill for food? Or does he rest and take a nap? Let's see how this alligator Steem moves in the future.

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Aku hanya berharap steem sampai dipuncak tertingginya seperti di awal tahun 2017

30.05.2021 14:50

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