1 STEEM = $0.438 USD

(Data from Binance, chart by TradingView)

Early in the morning two days ago, the alligator was seen eating heartily from around $0.48 to $0.43. Then at night it began to feel full and fell asleep. A long sleep between $0.43 - $0.45, and haven't woken up until now after two days.

Usually, the longer alligator sleeps, the fiercer it hunts for prey after waking up. Will the STEEM alligator wake up and go up quickly, or will it still be asleep in a little while? Let's keep an eye on it.

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17.03.2021 14:53

Terbukti, steem saat ini semakin to the moon 😎👍

23.03.2021 15:24