1 SBD = $8.82 USD

(Data by Bittrex, chart by TradingView)

Until early February, the SBD alligator appeared to be fast asleep motionless at around $ 3. Then he woke up and slowly climbs his way up for food until he reached nearly $ 5 in late February. Then after a short break in early March, the alligator moved up again to around $ 6.5 in mid-March. Finally he was full and fell asleep around $ 6.5 until the end of March. After that it awoke and climbed again quickly to hunt for prey to reach around $ 11 this early April.

Now the alligator's mouth is still visible half open upwards. Is he full and will go back to sleep, or is he still hungry and will continue to hunt further up? Let us continue to follow the SBD alligator's movements.

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Selamat malam, maaf mengganggu. saya sudah lama memiliki akun tapi masih bingung dengan dunia steemit, maukah membimbing saya. Untuk Mempelajarinya.

13.04.2021 13:28

Silakan bergabung di komunitas Steem SEA.. Mudah-mudahan banyak teman yang akan membimbing di sana..


13.04.2021 23:52

Terima kasih, atas infonya

14.04.2021 02:56

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13.04.2021 15:02

Why i cann't visit your profile?

13.04.2021 15:47

Yes.. I can't too using my android.. But no problem on desktop.. Maybe the picture in one of my posts is too large?

13.04.2021 23:56

I think SBD will continue to hunt.

13.04.2021 15:50

SBD price will stay at this price and #steem price will increase very soon.

13.04.2021 15:53

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13.04.2021 17:23

Terus sukses bg 👍

14.04.2021 18:04

You are right

17.04.2021 08:14