1 SBD = $6.478 USD

(Chart from Bittrex calc by TradingView)

After sleeping for half day at price above $ 6 USD, the alligator looks awake briefly. Prey hunting went up and down erratically. Until finally it fell again to the level of $ 6 USD, then rose again to almost $ 6.5 USD.

Now the alligator's mouth is wide open upward. Will it continue to rise or will it go back to sleep? Let's keep an eye on it.

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Comments 9

Oh! yes! i stay sell sbd all this week !

11.03.2021 15:38

Honestly I don't know.. The alligator now seems actively going up.. But it may go down at any time..

12.03.2021 12:49

When a movement perdure for a long time in aggressive form, is gonna make a reverse, because the profesional demand can't put liquidity and make buying's for ever. And when you see the graphics and the tape you can find previous zones for profesional offer. But is a god deal obtain sbd for rewards here and exchange in the markets like bittrex with this price.

best regards!

12.03.2021 13:03

thank you for the information, hopefully it will go up again, have a nice day

12.03.2021 00:56

Wow interesting thanks for sharing.

12.03.2021 08:18

What should i do now my brother? selling SBD to Buy Steem Or Just Keep It?

12.03.2021 11:27

It needs more indicators to make buy/sell decision.. It's difficult

12.03.2021 16:49

Ooo i see.
Two years ago i learned about it when i was active on indodax trading

12.03.2021 23:20

SBD to the moon 🚀🚀🚀

13.03.2021 06:39