Stopping Smoking Diary Day 3

As the 3rd day of being a non smoker starts I thought I'd write about my experiences so far and by no means has this been easy.

However apparently my smell and taste has come back today according to the app. We shall see as I am about to go and make breakfast!

And I've recovered half a day of my life!

The Cravings

These are horrible monsters that live in your chest that make you want to run to the nearest person smoking and steal all their cigarettes.

They are slowly getting less but the urge to roll up and smoke is still very strong.

The noise of a lighter clicking is a real trigger for me wanting to smoke. I thought the sense that would be my trigger was smell. I was wrong. The smell of someone else smoking or just after smoking is not nice!

The Self Doubt And Mental Motivation

This has been hard. At times I have tearing my hair out saying why am I doing this. What's the F**CKIN Point I am going to fail anyway.

Fighting that voice is the hardest part of giving up. A constant battle of wills.

Normally by now in my attempts I'd have caved. Maybe I just want it more this time. But I keep on reminding myself why I am doing this.

The most paramount reason is the promise I made both my Grandparents. Grandad died a few months ago and I want my Grandma to be proud of me. She told me yesterday to keep going and Grandad would be proud. Needless to say crying writing this but It helped me so much not to smoke.

Then the other more personal reasons include the environment. I hate what filters do to our beautiful planet. And for my own health.

I'd felt like a hypocrite for a long time being an Earth Protector and yet littering it with the chemicals and Filters from smoking.

One thing that I feel has helped this time is a Stop Smoking Group on Facebook I joined. I found the support really helpful at all times of day.

The Vape

I have been using 2 vapes to get me through. Some people may see this as not stopping however I started on 3ml of nictoteen and moved down to 0.

I have smoked 0 nictoteen on my vape for a while when I was smoking tobacco.

Things I've Observed Since Stopping

My lungs feel easier when breathing as if they are not struggling any more. However I feel like I am getting a bad chest from not smoking.

My poo smells more?!? If that even is a thing.

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Comments 8

Stay strong you got this. Good job on reducing the nicotine from 3 to zero. You definitely have the right approach to this and I wish you all the best.

25.08.2019 09:57

I hope I manage it. In my brain I am still going to smoke one day just not today if that makes sense.

Sure it will get easier... you given up?

25.08.2019 10:07

Smoked a little in my teen years, but nothing serious. More if a social smoker and haven't smoked for 20yrs now.

I totally get what you mess n by

" In my brain I am still going to smoke one day just not today"

You're convincing your brain you haven't quit, just postponed it. By the time your brain actually realised you've quit, you'll be over the worst of the cravings.

25.08.2019 10:36

Yeah like I just got in from the allotment and my first thought was rollie and a cup of tea.

That's going to be a while getting out of I think.

25.08.2019 13:12

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26.08.2019 17:38

Thank you! Still going without!

26.08.2019 19:45

I hope you can beat this craving. I am glad I never started smoking. It seems a bit crazy that people still do it knowing all the risks, but it still seems some consider it cool. It's expensive too. Hardly any of my friends smoke and as I spend a lot of time in the pub for music I am glad to not smell of smoke afterwards. I remember the days of smoking in pubs years ago. I'm old enough to remember people smoking on planes!

26.08.2019 17:57

Yeah smoking in pubs! I hope I gan beat this too! Been smoking for over a decade. On day 4 and still going!

26.08.2019 20:27