[PROXY] @proxy.token has just voted to 6 witnesses.

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Witness for whole community!


  • @proxy.token has just voted to 6 witnesses.
  • Welcome 5 new main-witnesses!
  • Happy new year, Steemit!
  • Jan.03.2020.

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I'm really glad to see this. I think a lot of people underestimate how important the Korean community is to Steem and it's great that you have organized and grouped your SP in order to make your voices heard through the witness voting system.

03.01.2020 13:37

Very cool we're tracking the servers and everything is looking good right now.
We're grateful to you and the community you represent.
We have some big things in store for 2020 we're excited.

03.01.2020 14:51


03.01.2020 19:43

Thank you for entrusting us with your witness vote!
We are looking forward to a great and successful 2020 for Steem altogether, and all of our communities, dapps and projects.

03.01.2020 15:55

Thanks, proxy.token! It feels good to produce blocks faster after two years of being a backup-witness. 🎉

03.01.2020 16:26

Thank you. :)

03.01.2020 16:34

I had pie for New Years

03.01.2020 17:44

Now, this is more important.

03.01.2020 18:47

Great to see a new faces inside TOP 20, especially @steempeak, @emrebeyler & @actifit. Congrats. Well deserved!

Even though I don't think it should be that easy to just vote the places 21 to 26, without looking directly into what said person brings to the table. For example, @steempress is now outside of the TOP 20, even though they're bringing massive value to Steem.

Anyway, Happy New Year to you too, @proxy.token!

03.01.2020 18:50

This is why we should change the limit from Top20 to Top100 or Top500. There is no real value of limiting this to Top20 who is influence by whale votes.

Everyone with technical knowledge should be able to bring up their witness servers and join the blockchain, help secure the infrastructure, not by a few servers.

My 2 cents.

04.01.2020 08:24

Flagged for voting for @sbdpotato!

06.01.2020 20:03


Massive Korean proxy used to bump #21-26 for kicks and giggles. No rationale used.

This commentator agrees with some of the choices.

03.01.2020 19:04

03.01.2020 19:08

03.01.2020 19:07

03.01.2020 19:09

It's okay. There will be next time.

03.01.2020 19:09

Hey Guys,

Good job on waking up the witnesses. On the other hand it is impossible to tell from your post if you have any criteria in why you would or wouldn't vote for a specific witness.

It almost seems as if you just calculated which votes you could make to stir things up. (which is also fine)

In anycase, I think it is probably a good thing to stir things up a bit and show that there is other stake in the game.


Feel the Salmon! :)

03.01.2020 19:43

Well, we fully respect your votes and welcome the new witness to the consensus round, even if as a former top witness being moved down 7 positions feels like a massive punishment to the spanish speaking community we represent and support. Anyway I hope we can find ways to collaborate in the future to keep helping out the two biggest non-English communities in our eco-system.

03.01.2020 20:18

Look like random voting just to shake things up.

Thanks for being an active member of the Steem community.

03.01.2020 20:44

Congrats to the new top witnesses.
It’s great to see a community that manages to get so much proxy vote power.

04.01.2020 03:10

Your voting doesn't seem to have anything to do with the poll results. In fact, one of the votes directly contradicts it. Please let us know why your are voting for who you are voting for, otherwise this is meaningless.

06.01.2020 03:33

First of all, I am glad to see more stakeholders representing a different region participate in witness voting and voicing their desired direction for Steem as you did in a previous post.

I hope this will result in an open discussion about downvotes, proof of brain, enabling a platform economy where different groups with language barriers can get invested and find their own success, etc. And also what you as investors in STEEM see of value in our blockchain and how we can make it more attractive for others, and also create opportunities for those on Steem that have a different view of downvotes as other stakeholders seem to have.

I completely agree that downvotes and proof of brain as it currently is has a very negative effect on the environment and culture on Steem. We need a Steem where anyone who invests feels that they can get something of value, grow a community, and find success. We need a Steem where all different language groups and diverse communities can grow, and only wish other groups success because we all want to see more people and more activity on Steem.

However, it must also be a solution that prevents frequent abuse of rewards coming from a shared inflation pool that affects the value of everyone’s tokens. I therefore believe that we need to come together to rethink if inflation and proof of brain should be a part of the main STEEM token, or if it should instead be moved to SMTs. Alternatively, if communities can provide other alternative ways to incentivise users and share revenues. There can be many ways to allow Steem communities to grow and to have a rewards pool without having that additional inflation on the main STEEM token itself. There are many arguments for this, which I would be happy to share in more detail later.

In any case, I hope we can all get a better understanding of what value your team and investors see in Steem, as well as what future plans you have, and how we can work together to accomplish those goals. I also think it is crucial at this point in time that we get a good conversation going about how we can make Steem an attractive home, platform and place to run business for all of us, and the many more we want to bring to Steem.

Again, I hope this can be the beginning of a new conversation about where we want to take Steem long term, and I would be happy to be part of further discussions.

06.01.2020 21:07

Hey @proxy.token, I voted for you as witness. If you don't vote me back as witness, that is essentially downvoting and I know you aren't supportive of downvoting, right? So don't downvote me by not voting my witness, please. Thanks.

20.01.2020 18:14

That's awesome! Hope to get some love as well!

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