Bitcoin hedges against war

Governments and central banks pay for their wars with fiat currencies. They brainwash people into enforcing edicts and to be obedient. People hand over “tax” money under duress or the government simply takes the money. Most of the money is used to fund wars that murder millions of people, destroy livelihoods and property, damages one’s psyche, and can even have harmful genetic consequences.

Cryptocurrencies offer a way to free people from being forced to pay for wars. Governments and central banks are growing more afraid of crypto’s as they cant control them and bend them to their will. Their will is madness. Love of power and money and control shapes their will. They are monsters. They deserve no obedience, only irreverence and contempt. The crypto enthusiasts of the world must keep working to break the control freaks stranglehold over humanity by pushing for mass adoption of crypto’s.

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24.07.2019 00:03