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Greetings all the way from Mexico, everyone! As we all know, it's important to stay hydrated but sometimes that is hard when you can't drink the water from the tap. Why? Because it comes from the well and it's not exactly clean; if you do drink it, you get sick and require shots in the buttocks. As it turns out, all the water we drink comes in plastic. The big plastic jugs at least get returned for reuse but sometimes when we're out on the town or in a restaurant you find yourself with a plastic bottle.
I've made it my mission to give these single-use plastics a better life.


Water bottles can be used as planters instead of sending them to the landfill.


Don't worry, the top doesn't get thrown out. Here I'm using it to create a miniature greenhouse for my seedling.


Once the plant outgrows its greenhouse the top can still be put to good use. We like to use them as funnels for pouring things like used cooking oil back into the bottle for reuse later.


The container above once held yogurt but it is now dedicated to storing some special, rich soil I acquired. Later I may use it as a planter as well. It is perfect for growing beans in!


I used a different container of the same type as a water dish for our baby chicks.


The bottom of a water bottle proved too flimsy as a food dish but it can probably work alternatively as a water dish as well.

Sometimes recycling is difficult, inconvenient, or unavailable altogether. That's why reusing is an important pillar as part of the 3 R's. By reusing plastics we're also reducing the amount of waste going to landfills. Plastic probably takes millions of years to decompose so the last place we want it is in the trash. I compost my food waste as well, reducing the amount I send the landfill even further and reducing my household's carbon footprint. How to compost is a topic for another post though! This concludes my #greendeeds of the week.
Thanks to #thegreens for holding this encouraging contest! It will be interesting to see what green deeds the rest of you have done this week.
Well, that's all, folks! Thanks for stopping by!

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20.11.2019 01:37

Hemp plastics! Imagine that water bottle is made out of a biodegradable plastic!!! 30 days and it's nature!

20.11.2019 02:09

That's a great idea! Why isn't it implemented?

20.11.2019 12:24

Working on the technology and infrastructure?

20.11.2019 20:58

That's what they're saying about reusing plastic to pave roads

22.11.2019 12:43

This is being greenly creative and really amazing. Never thought of miniature green houses before. In Cameroon, we divide the bottles into two equal halves and then perforate them and use both as planters. You can see how we do it here:

If more persons did just what you do, the world will be a cleaner, greener, healthier and food secure place. Awesome and amazing #GreenDeed @proto26

20.11.2019 11:11

Thank you! You are appreciated!

20.11.2019 12:23

Great post and great recycling effort!

23.11.2019 17:12