How To Build Positive Relationships In The Workplace

Everyone knows that developing positive relationships with others is important for career development. But for many people, relationship building is difficult or even unnatural to do. Often, individuals assume that they already understand how to do it well. Don't fall into that trap. Anyone who wants to advance their skills in any area, including working relationships, should learn these simple strategies.

To build positive relationships, honesty is essential. Honesty is the foundation for trust. Trust can only be sustained if you are completely honest with those you are involved with. It doesn't matter if you are dating someone new or you work with your boss on a daily basis. No matter where your relationship is, maintaining integrity in communications is crucial.

Empathy is also extremely important for relationships. Those who lack empathy or don't see the perspectives of others, are unlikely to be able to build relationships in a healthy way. If you are unable to empathize, share your thoughts and feelings with those around you, but do not try to inject your own judgments into the discussions. Simply listen and take the time to understand what someone is saying without comment.

Communication is another key in helping to build positive relationships. While all relationships require some form of communication, some relationships, like those with co-workers or clients, demand even more. Keep in mind that good communication is necessary to foster meaningful, productive relationships. The amount of communication you have with co-workers and clients greatly impacts the outcome of any situation. A good relationship requires open communication that is free from negative comments and name-calling.

The ability to listen is essential in building positive relationships. Listening is a valuable trait. However, it is not enough. You must learn how to hear the things someone is telling you and weigh them appropriately so you can make decisions based on what is most important to you.

The ability to compromise is also important when you want to build positive relationships and create a healthy workplace relationship. When a person fails to compromise, it creates tension and anger in the relationship. People who are not able to compromise to make decisions from a place of anger and resentment. They may accuse, criticize, refuse to cooperate and do things that really don't serve their interest. Those who are unable to compromise because they are not able to feel or understand the other person's position will rarely find a lasting relationship.

It is also important to build positive relationships and create a healthy workplace environment. There should be an emphasis on shared vision and shared purpose. Everyone in the organization must be committed to that vision and purpose or it will quickly become a disjointed, unproductive exercise. People talk about what they want in the work place but seldom provide details on how to get there. There needs to be a shared understanding that success results when everyone is successful and failure results when failure occurs.

A third important factor that will help you build positive relationships and create a successful workplace is authenticity. Authenticity arises from your deep personal experience with yourself and your work. What comes from your heart is honest communication. When you have authentic feelings and value judgments about your business and your job, then people can trust you and see the real you. People will connect with your honesty because they see the connection between what you say and your inner experience.

Empathy is another key to building these relationships. When you are able to truly hear another person's experience, then empathy arises. This allows you to extend your understanding of the situation at hand and make connections with that person. At the same time, honesty is also an important component to your work if you want to build positive relationships. Honesty begins by being honest with your employees about their weaknesses and vices without hurting them.

If you want to know how to build positive relationships at work then it starts with your ability to be honest and your ability to extend your empathy to others. You need to be a good listener to your employees and be there for them when they need you. In addition, if you can't honestly give your employees honest feedback about their performance, then be sure that you do offer supportive remarks when they perform well. At the same time, avoid being critical of their performance. Criticisms only serve to harm relationships.

If you want to know how to build positive relationships in the workplace then you have to take the time to listen, be open to suggestions, be supportive and be there for your employees as they grow. This way, you will see some great relationships form that will positively affect the growth of your business. These relationships may come in the forms of increased productivity, more satisfied customers, a more friendly work environment and improved sales. At the same time, you may also discover that these relationships will make it easier for you to interact with other people outside of work when you go out on the town or walk through the mall.

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