Competing Against Yourself

What is it about the competitive mind that makes you feel so miserable? How can you beat your own self when you know that there is no such thing as competition?

Look in the mirror, alright, your competitor. Is that really you who you are trying to beat? Are you holding yourself up to the same standards of others, wanting to be just like the next person, without actually wanting to be better?

Be inspired by other people, admire them, understand what they have to offer, but remember that competition is always a waste of energy. When you compete against yourself, you are only doing things in hopes of beating yourself and becoming better. You do not become better, you become better at beating yourself. The reason why is because you have failed at beating yourself up, even though you are competing. In fact, you are probably winning!

Instead of trying to beat yourself down, challenge yourself more, and make it a game of you against yourself. Challenge yourself with your own strengths, and weaknesses, and find out what works best for you. Competing against yourself will help you become better, and win more than you lose.

How can you make a successful life? The most important aspect to winning, or even having any kind of success, is having a positive mindset. Having a negative attitude is one of the biggest causes of failure, and many of the people that get the most out of their lives never have a positive mindset. This is why you have to keep your head up at all times, because otherwise you can fall into a pit of despair.

If you are constantly thinking negative thoughts, you will not be able to see the positives that are always there. You have to change the way you think, and replace the negative with the positive. The reason why is that if you think only positive things are going to happen, you are never going to accomplish anything. This is also the reason why it is so important to always focus on what you want in life and not what you don't want, and how to become it.

By focusing on positive thoughts, you are creating a new habit. These habits become ingrained and hardwired into your subconscious mind, and are almost impossible to break. If you are not constantly practicing these habits, then you will never get anywhere.

To find out what works best for you, then take time and read up on everything that you can learn, and use it in your own mind, then start playing against yourself. Learn from the way people who succeed and start competing with those you feel like you can beat. Be the winner, not the loser, because you are the winner, and you will always win over yourself in the process. The way you view yourself will determine if you become a winner or loser.

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