Shadow Contest-Round 101-Pointy. My entry.

Another fun contest that I can’t get past.
Shadow Contest hosted by @melinda010100.

And the specialty of this round is Pointy.

For this round, I chose this photo:

Just what I need, there are a lot of stickouts makes a nice points.

In the original it was a photo of the road to the beach, I took these photos in the summer with my smartphone.

Thanks @melinda010100 for this contest!


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15.01.2020 22:42

Lovely shadows alignement ! 😉

15.01.2020 22:46

thank youm dear!:)))

16.01.2020 19:51

I am so happy that you are having fun shadow hunting! These are wonderful shadows. Thanks!

16.01.2020 23:27

Thank you for this contest, I really enjoy it!

17.01.2020 23:52