Eco-Friendly Wedding: Tips How To Plan

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As a bride-to-be, an eco-friendly wedding is your best bet, if we must save the world. It will help you minimize or even eradicate waste that may occur from items used for the wedding. The earth is in danger from our activities which causes diverse pollution and low quality of life for every species.
To curb this, you must be eco-conscious during the wedding, because in truth, you’d be sacrificing nothing. Eco-friendly flowers, to dresses and eco-friendly wedding invitations, let’s show you how to be more environmentally friendly.
Reuse Wedding Decorations
There’s no need sending a huge chunk of your budget on decorations. You can reuse wedding decorations by renting them from places such as Rental Hq and I Do. But if you buy, don’t throw them out after the wedding. Recycle, donate or reuse them. This is one of the top eco-friendly tips given by expert wedding decorators.

After the wedding, decor like lighting, signage, centerpieces, etc., will look great in your home. Everything made out of plastic, and paper can get recycled. All you need do is send them to the appropriate department in your state. And when you exhaust that option, donate the rest.
Environmentally Friendly Food for a Wedding
Food is the highlight of every celebration, so it's a task. You're torn between going all exotic but maintaining eco-conscious activities. Well, according to Chef Lynn Sheehan of Historic Sand Rock Farm, vegetarian dishes are culinary favorites of ancient cultures. So, while maintaining all the sophistication you desire, you can serve environmentally friendly food.
Sourcing for seasonal food straight from the farm. Foods that are organic and will not need transportation or long preservation. This reduces energy usage, carbon emissions and saves cost.
Go vegetarian and save all the animals from getting killed. Eat healthier by creating a wedding menu that promotes green earth.
Use compostable or biodegradable dinnerware and take-home plates. They'd degrade on their own without floating to congest the waterways.
Rather than buy drinks in cans, buy them in kegs and dispense from reusable magnums. Cans do not decompose and can ruin the soil and plants while posing dangers to animals that ingest them.
Wines must be biodynamic, natural, and organic, down to the bottling. So invest in eco-friendly vineyards.
Source cakes from caterers who source their dairy products locally. Decorate with natural flowers or reusable items. In a little way, you've saved the earth.
Nature-Friendly Party Favors
Party favors are souvenirs which the guests remember you by. Show your guests how to be green by sending a message through your favors. Below are some eco-friendly tips and shopping links to help you.
A buffet of desserts such as homemade cakes, chocolate bars, and other organic treats. You can also buy them if you're not the domesticated enthusiast. Guests who traveled all the way will appreciate this for a snack as they journey back. Get loads of recycled paper for them to take their fill.
Plantable favors such as potted herbs, succulents and saplings will purify the air and adorn the home. Carrying pots of plants home us quite impossible, so get some biodegradable seed packets.
Gift your guest's tote bags made out of natural cotton. They are fashionable, durable, eco-friendly, and reusable.
Organic bath salts and soaps are favors your guests will thank you for. You're saving the earth and saving their health at the same time.
Plantable seed paper is an item eco-conscious persons will consider. Guests will plant these papers which will blossom into gardens.
If you want to avoid favors, pick out your favorite charities. The guests will choose, and you'll make donations on their behalf.

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