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Home work task 6
It is true that every investor does business to make profit but there are steps one needs to follow. For someone who wish to start up a business, he/she conduct what is called a feasiblity Study to know if the business will be a viable one. Cryptocurrency is not an exemption to this, there is need for proper scrutiny before investing your hard end resource.

Have considered Alot of cryptocurrency on the coinmarket, I decided to invest in my money in Kava io(Kava).

Kava is ranked 131, according to market capitalization as recorded by coinmarket. It is a very relevant tool in the decentralized Finance platform that offers collateralized loans as well as stablecoins to Cryptocurrency users. Kava is a decentralized lending platform who seeks to introduce a more flexible strategy into the market. It is strongly back by over 100 business individuals and cryptocurrency projects.

Kava's Vision
Kava is pioneer in the DeFi sector and seeks to streamline the lending sector by introducing a variety of Kava's owned technologies. The system was designed to provide stablecoins and decentralized lending in a more simple and transparent manner.

Kava was designed to serve as a base for many other financial services to operate on. Kava's goal is to offer the world a cross-chain lending platform.

Kava's Products
Kava has series of product which places on top of other competitors, some of these products are:

1)Decentralized loans: this is the major product of the Kava platform, it acts as a very powerful tool to investors as it allows user gain access to loans, leverages and stablecoins which are used for hedging purposes.

2)The staking capabilities of Kava is tempting

3)Expansion: Kava has a unique and open plan which gives room for future expansion. The support a wide range of crypto assest and offerings.

4)Dual Tokens: The Kava token and the USDX are the two important coins of Kava. This coins are required to give users maximum flexibility in the use of Kava networks.

Kava is the native token of the Kava network and its used as a tool in maintaining the network. It also acts as a governace token which is used in voting, this votes has to keep the network upgrades. It can also be used for staking.

The USDX in the other hand is a stable coin of the same Kava network
In addition to the mentioned, Kava seeks to;

a)To become a decentralized validator providing network security to the blockchain

b)To manage lending platforms and Blockchain parameters

c)To hold and scrutinize asset used as collaterals

d)To move cross-chain asset to Kava

e)To liquidate asset if possible

Team behind the Kava
For every successful program there is someone or a group of people burning the fire... Kava is supported by top notch cryptocurrency project such as Ripple and Cosmos and by over 100 business entities around the world. It's team of talented members are as follows:

Brain Kerr - CEO who has worked as a supervisor for Alot of blockchain platforms.

Scott Stuart - Production manager

Ruaridh O'Donnell - Blockchain developer

Kevin Davis - Lead Engineer

Stan Press - Head of marketing

Aaron Choi - Head of business development.
And a list of Advisors.

Kava Market
Since it's launch in 2019, kava has experienced growth, today price of kava is 6.26 USD with a market capitalization of over 104 million. It is traded by over 40 exchanges.

My Assessment
Based on my assessment kava is a good buy, my money can be save with them even as I earn more from staking my kava. They are very passionate about their users assets as they work harder to maintain users funds. They have lined up of project to further improve on the platform.


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