Steemit Crypto Academy Week 5// Blockchain Security // Submitted to @gbenga

This lecture is very important Prof. @gbenga. Thank you.

Cryptocurrency security is a focal point in the adoption of crypto currency. It's nice being in your class this week.


One major security concern in cryptocurrency today is CryptoJacking. Very common in cryptomining, is using someone's computer to mine cryptocurrency without the power and authority of the owner. This is achieved if the hacker sends ad into your browser which triggers immediately you load the mining browser. The hacker inject mining codes into your browser,for this reason we are a adviced to be more careful on the browser used.

Hacker are smart and can also inject scripts or code online advert, lure you into downloading them to before you know, they got you. For some of us that download anything we see online, it is important to always vert any ads before accepting to download it. Junk of the issues facing miners today emanate from Crypto Jacking, it must be considered as important.

Crypto hijackers has two possible ways to make you mine cryptocurrency for without you know:

One of the ways is to send cryptocurrency mining codes into your system, sometimes in form of emails. Once you accept and click on those links, the code mining code runs scripts which places the crypto mining script on your computer. Remember, that this links send through email and other means are always looking very real and you can easily be mislead. This script can be running on the backgrounds of your computer with you knowing. source.

Most of us, I believe can accept we have been a victim of this one way or the other, we later delete them after discovering its fake. I have actually being a victim of this, at a time I downloaded a BTC mining link, started mining at a time but never being able to withdraw.
Infact, I was asked to deposit some amount of money, I actually discovered early enough.

For most of us that like visiting websites, without having a good background information about them, beware. Another way hackers can succeed is by injecting script into a website or advert that can be distributed to various website, once you visit those website or their ad, hmmm, you have been caught. There are Alot of this today online, severely, I have fallen for this but thank God I discovered early as there was no loose. For this reason, you could be experiencing an over heating on your system, system could even shut down at will, system boots for a longer period,etc.

According to the Lectures today, it better to prevent than to cure and some salient point have been listed by the Professor on how to avoid Crypto Jacking :

downloading and ads blocker
Be certain about website and links before clicking
Be sure you are downloading an application from a trusted source, e.g is Google play store
Disabling Java script when browsing. Source

Cryptocurrency is a lucrative patform but then we must be aware of the security measures put in place to ensure that hackers don't steal what you have labored for. The new about hackers isn't new to the cryptocurrency world, we need therefore trade with caution and ensure we choose the best of platform if we must mine.

Thank you and see you next week Prof.

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Since any system can be used for cryptojacking without the owner easily identifying that it is being used, explain the methods to know that system is being cryptojecked.

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Hola profesor @gbenga veo que perdio una tarea que le deje.. aqui le dejare el link para que la revise.

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