Crypto Academy Week 3 //Steemit a better alternative to Facebook, twitter and it's likes // Submitted to @yohan2on

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Comparing and Contrasting between Decentralized and Centralized applications

I will start by defining what decentralized and centralized applications means and what make them different.

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What are Decentralized applications (Dapps)
Decentralized applications are those that are Applications that do not have a central control but rather is controlled by multiple means of verifications. This verifications can be seen by anyone who wishes to. Decentralization cuts across every area of mankind, offices, politics, government, computer, blockchain.

Decentralized applications (Dapps) are made possible by the web 3.0 browser which is an intelligent browser, or an integrator. Most wallets are installed with provision of Dapps in order to make interaction with the Web much easier. Because this applications are not controlled or manage by a third party, it means it very safe and of course the safest means of storage,etc. An example we would like talk about is our own Steemit.

These applications are safe and secure, very fast, they perform better than the centralized counterparts but there expensive to maintain.

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What are Centralized Applications
There are Applications which are governed by one central control. An example is the Facebook. In Centralized applications, the system is linked to an organization, etc, perhaps there is a crash in the system, everybody suffers because it requires that central control to connect to other serves, users and devices.

In Centralized applications, the users entrust their data to that central control with the hope that they will be secure but I doubt that. It could be very easy to set up and develop quickly.

They are quite affordable to maintain, and easily deployed. But on the contrary, they are very insecure, they are also prone to failures.

Facebook vs Steemit

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Facebook is very familiar social networking application with over 10 million users worldwide. It operates solely on a centralized application system. They are being controlled by a central authority, meaning that a third party is always requires to verify your data. For example you send some pictures, or even a mail to a friend, the system have topassed those through a third party verification.

Login in to Facebook means you are entrusting your data into the hands of a third party with the belief that it will not be used for advertisement purpose, we entrust our data solely to this platform. Facebook has proven to be Unsafe as there has been Alot of security brigde, users informations have been compromised and as such most users account are hacked, given them access to Alot of accounts. Alot have lost there belonging through a Facebook chat and there had been a debate to end Facebook awhile ago.

Steemit on the other hand is a social media platform with a difference, it is redefining social networks. Steemit is built on a decentralized blockchain serve. In a blockchain, there are not central serve, it is controllers by series of nodes.
Steemit is very secure, users Data are not usually compromised since they are secured on a blockchain free from hacks.

Another very important attribute of Steemit is that it pays you posting content on its decentralized platform. Who would love such an existing platform.

Steemit blockchain is fast in operation.

In conclusion, a decentralized appli action is still of advantage when compared to the centralized counterpart. There is need to embrace the new trends in the social media network headed by the Steemit platform.

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Crypto Academy Week 3 //Steemit a better alternative to Facebook, twitter and it's likes // Submitted to @yohan2on

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