I would love to announce that ... our PROJECT HOPE core team is expanding! :))



It was only two weeks ago that we've celebrated our first anniversary and today I would LOVE TO ANNOUNCE that our core team is growing. This month, 2 new members are officially join us today.

Most of you will recognize the both of them. They are very active and engaging. Always willing to support and share their knowledge and experience with others. Both will also be taking some of my daily responsibilities off my shoulders (and trust me, managing a community as active as ours does consume much time). Both are helping me to spot plagiarizm within our community and educating new authors who are posting within PH. Both are supporting me with their valuable opinions on future steps and development of our community.

I've learned to trust them and I value their presence. A lot.

Without futher ado, please allow me to introduce ...

GBENGA (@gbenga)


gbenga-drawing.png My name is @Gbenga.

I have been creating content on blockchain since 2016 and I got to know about project hope back 2019.

I am an Entrepreneur and a Crypto enthusiast.

Joining the Project Hope community has been a very good move for me, meeting with great personalities from different parts of the world. Interestingly, the team spirit of Project Hope is one thing that has kept the community going through tough times.

I would love to be a part of the Project Hope core team focusing on post forensics. In my bid to be a better writer, I have learnt that plagiarism is theft; intellectual and property theft to be precise. Knowing this, I have decided to use my skills in identifying plagiarism to help keep the community clean. Also, I will be willing to assist in other aspects related to the community in order to help the community grow in strength, numbers, and commitment.

I love achieving goals, I can be very innovative, I am hardworking and determined, to mention a few. I will be an addition to the team.

JOSEVAS217 (@josevas217)


josevas217-drawing.png My name is José.

I'm venezuelan nurse and doctor, a believer in cryptomonies and blockchain.

Currently living in Bogotá.

I am a person who likes to help others, and through my stay as a content creator I have been able to do so.

I have been present for more than two and a half years in the world of cryptomonies and publishing in this platform. In which I have been able to learn a lot from, the path has been a bit complex, slowly but with growth. One of the things that I am very aware of at the moment is that entering this platform and starting out alone is very difficult, so it is very important to have support from someone who can guide you. It is also necessary to join Communities or Projects with which you feel identified in order to make the journey much lighter and enjoyable.

That's how I arrived at Project Hope's Community a few months ago. Here you can see the materialization of a dream that arose some time ago in the minds of its leaders, that possibility of helping others from something that we like to do. This can't be achieved just anywhere, but here you can.

The possibility of transcending beyond this platform is another important and necessary point. Making something that we like productive, espcially in writing and giving hope to others while helping.

Thank you to the whole team for the possibility of me joining and collaborating with the growth of the project.



Don't forget to hit the "resteem" button and visit profles of the both of them: @gbenga and @josevas217. Follow and welcome them as a strong part of our core of Project.hope community. I'm personally delighted to be surrounded by such a like-minded and team-orientated people.

Yours, @crypto.Piotr
@project.hope founder



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@tipu curate 5

17.08.2020 08:28
17.08.2020 08:29

I trully believe, that expanding our community CORE TEAM is a must if we want our community to continue growing. And I'm honoured to welcome both @Gbegna and @josevas217 to become close part of our team :)

Cheers, Piotr

17.08.2020 08:30

I trully believe, that expanding our community CORE TEAM is a must if we want our community to continue growing. And I'm honoured to welcome both @Gbegna and @josevas217 to become close part of our team :)

Cheers, Piotr

17.08.2020 08:34

Hi @crypto.piotr
This is certainly great addition to the PH team.

17.08.2020 18:47

This is so great to see two new vibrant and amazing people join the core team. I've known Gbenga for more than 2 years and he is really a great guy. José is also a nice guy.
Cheers buddies.


17.08.2020 09:00

Thank you friend.

17.08.2020 18:36

thanks a lot my friend... i am really honoured to be a part of this community.

17.08.2020 21:51

Felling proud to be such an good an enthusiastic project and yes there is always many things to learn from you.

17.08.2020 10:45

Welcome friend to our community and now to our team, it is a great pleasure to know that you are already part of an official way along with the other boys who make an active life within the community.

Welcome @Gbenga and @josevas217 to our Project HOPE.

17.08.2020 11:20

Thank you very much, Professor.
We'll keep in touch, building.

17.08.2020 18:34

Thank you so much @lanzjoseg, i hope to serve the community with all my heart.

17.08.2020 21:52

Congratulations to both of you, it's good that you can grow within project hope this is a reward for your effort and dedication, enjoy it friends

17.08.2020 13:08

I've been enjoying it for a long time, ever since I started... actually heh heh
Thank you

17.08.2020 18:39

I know @gbenga and @josevas217. I have worked together with them.

They are two tireless people who are always willing to give their maximum effort to achieve common goals.

For Project Hope, this addition represents a great event, extremely important.

Congratulations guys !!!

17.08.2020 13:55

Thanks @juanmolinna
Little by little we'll go even further.
That is the idea, we will continue working to grow the community and help many more.

17.08.2020 18:33

@project.hope congratulations to the new members , it's glad to have you both on core team member of ph community.

17.08.2020 14:07

This is beautiful, I love it when people's effort are being rewarded. I am very happy for this two consistent writers, more blessings brothers.

17.08.2020 15:29

Thank you @oluwatobiloba
You are also one of the most consistent people in the community.

17.08.2020 18:38

Very happy to see my name on the list.

17.08.2020 15:35

Hello community, Hello @project.hope
A real honor to be here, sharing with everyone and learning from everyone.
We will continue to grow, of course.
The important thing is that we can move forward daily towards something better, and that the difficult times continue to strengthen us.
It seems that when something advances for the better, there are always many who feel a little envious and want to attack ... but, the union can with that.
Thanks @crypto.piotr for the opportunity and thanks to the core team for all they have done and continue to do for the permanent growth. Let's keep working.

17.08.2020 15:56

Congratulations to @gbenga and @josevas217. We hope that both of you will create more value on @project.hope

17.08.2020 16:19

Thanks a lot @team007, i am honoured to serve.

17.08.2020 21:51

Congratulations to the new team members, project hope is actually moving to the top.

17.08.2020 17:54

Very happy to be able to read this, I really know that both of you will contribute the best to keep the community growing and contributing the best. CONGRATULATIONS, YOU BOTH DESERVE IT!

Greetings and my respects @josevas217 @Gbegna .

17.08.2020 17:55

Hi @Gbegna @josevas217

Although I have gone through many of your posts before and you're not new to me in PH family but still would like to welcome you on PH community.

Welcome on board and lets work to take the PH grow. Thanks.

17.08.2020 18:46

I am extremely honoured to be given this opportunity . I really appreciate this and i am willing to serve.

17.08.2020 21:49

Welcome aboard

17.08.2020 22:33

What great news, congratulations and welcome friends @gbenga and @josevas217, I know you are one of the most active users in the community, supporting and creating great content for all members. Keep up the great work.

17.08.2020 23:32

Excellent news, this is very positive, when a community expands it means, that everything is going very well and that the commitment continues. Great job and congratulations guys @gbenga and @josevas217

17.08.2020 23:33

Congratulations from me and welcome I hope that we continue working hard for the benefit of this project as is the hope project and having had the opportunity to see the work of @josevas217 I know it is an enterprising person struggling to be fulfilled and respectful when making their comments and I love its contents and with respect @gbenga and also has its great track record and most importantly is that they have the desire to continue helping so that every day this platform grows in a dizzying way. Greetings and welcome again to @gbenga and @ josevas217 . We expect successes

18.08.2020 01:14

Congratulations @josevas217 and @gbenga for this new commitment, in this time of my performance within the project hope community I have seen their excellent performance, and without a doubt I know that their contribution will help the growth and development of the entire PH community. Greetings

18.08.2020 01:41

Congratulations @josevas217 and @gbenga, I am sure you will continue to give the best contribution to the community as you have done so far.

18.08.2020 05:11

Estaré mas atenta de su comunidad, se ve que tienen muchas herrammientas y las estan utilizando para ayudar a muchos en la plataforma. gracias por el apoyo y mucha suerte en sus proyectos.

18.08.2020 09:44

Thank you for the small memo for @f21steem. Very happy to meet @crypto.piotr because it has been a long time since we met

Yes, I'm happy to accept @crypto.piort requests, but it is with my ability to invite them to join @PROJECT.HOPE and I have followed your best friends @gbenga and @josevas217

18.08.2020 10:41

Congratulations @josevas17 and @gbenga I wish you much success in the new work you are doing in @project.hope I am sure you will do very well ! 👍

18.08.2020 13:11

Felicidades por esta distinción y si me consta del trabajo y de ayudar a las demas personas eso dice mucho de la calidad humana de las personas espero conocer mas acerca del proyecto felicidades

18.08.2020 13:15

Congratulations to you @gbenga and @josevas217.
I am sure the community would be enriched by your vast experience.
Good luck with the new role and responsibility.

18.08.2020 15:46

Congratulations to them both more core team members to PH 🙌

18.08.2020 21:06

Solid choices here. Congratulations to the duo of @gbenga and @josevas217. Very glad to see their commitment to add to the values and growth of the Project.Hope Community. Soar brothers!

18.08.2020 23:11

Hi, my name is solayman kabir. My user name is @solaiman12. I am by your side all the time. I hope you will be by my side too.

19.08.2020 03:26

Friends, @josevas217 and @gbenga, welcome to the team.

For me it is a great pleasure to have all that wisdom and knowledge that they show every week through their publications, they do an excellent job.

Thank you for being here and being part of this family!

19.08.2020 14:39

My Blogs are more Valuable than Up-Votes (in my opinion)...
August 19, 2020... 17.3 Hollywood Time...

20.08.2020 00:21

Congratulations to @gbenga and @josevas217 for being part of the community and I personally thank you for your great impact and support for the community.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead ❤️💓💕

21.08.2020 05:51

You are forever welcome @gbenga and @josevas217 🤝🤝
I believe your stay here will bring more value and prosperity to the community

24.08.2020 08:07

Hey. I'm a trade, add friend plz

28.08.2020 16:33

Many many congratulations 👏👏

26.09.2020 20:44

Appreciate your encouraging comment @sduttaskitchen :)

28.09.2020 07:52

Thank you, love to be a part of your good work 🙏👍

28.09.2020 08:55


Can i contact you

25.10.2020 16:45