WE'VE A PROBLEM AND WE NEED YOUR HELP: upvoting always with 100% voting power - how to achieve that?

112.jpg In our latest post I had the pleasure to introduce all of you, dear readers, to the latest development relating to PROJECT HOPE.



At the same time, I've managed to secure some funding to push this project forward. With a new website and offered PASSIVE INCOME PROGRAM we have also received some serious support in the form of delegations and @project.hope is about to reach 150k SP. Which is absolutely amazing.



Currently my goal is to ensure that all that voting power will be used efficiently. So I only want to upvote previously selected content once voting power would reach 100%. Since I care about manual curation, then I'm facing small problem:

  • how can I manualy upvote selected articles and do it with MAXIMUM voting power? I would need to be online almost 24h daily to be able to do that and hit "upvote" button once every two hours. Which isn't possible.



I'm in need to implement a solution similar to the ones being used by some upvoting bots. It would be necessary to be able to define a list of publications which @project.hope would upvote one by one, always once it reach 100% voting power (fully "re-charged").

I'm hoping that someone reading this publication has enough technical knowledge and willigness to help us out (we've some limited budget in LIQUID STEEM to cover necessary expenses). Or perhaps there are some tools which would allow me to achieve my goal?



Let me wrap it up and present an example:

  • let's say that I would like to upvote 15 publications, which I consider valuable and worth rewarding. I would like to be able to "add" link to each one to "the list" and automated-bot would upvote one after the other, only when project.hope voting power would reach 100%.

Please contact me via if you think that you can help us:
email: krypto.piotr77@gmail.com
telegram: crypto_piotr
discord (my less favourite): crypto.piotr#3426

Please RESTEEM to help us reach a wider circle of audience, ask your friends (if you know any who are tech savvy users) if they could help us. And most of all, VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE: www.projecthope.pl

Thank you,
Yours, @crypto.piotr



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It is difficult to participate because it is a low-cost non-English speaking language.
I can not speak english. thanks

14.10.2019 09:03

If you do it by hand, article not a person and it is about 15 a week? A day? Every 2 weeks?

I wonder how big the difference in payout is if you upvote at 100% and another 2 times. I cannot imagine it makes such a huge difference in payout. I can also not imagine you read/find 15 posts that fast doing it the old fashioned way.

If I gave a 100% upvote I do it between 100-85%. If that is not possible I wait for some hours or a day.

Instead you could also consider to sponsor some of your good writers with a daily upvote for a week as a "bonus".

Great to hear the account is doing well. Happy Monday

14.10.2019 09:13

I upvote between 75% - 100% 👍

14.10.2019 12:12

What I think you are defining here is basically a "queue" of upvoting process once the voting power gets to 100%.

Technically (via script) it's quite easy to implement (for me). But I am thinking this might be much nicer if someone takes this into a "service" level, no?

I sometimes implement things at work that last hours of life (because of risk reasons)... and sometimes I spend days just preparing and then implementing... I can tell you, it sucks!

So, this is why the "service" approach is way better.

Spending some time (actually not more than a few seconds on google) searching... just needs the right set of words to come up with the best solutions... google style...

What you are looking for exists already, crated by @holger80, https://goldvoice.club/steem/@holger80/steemrewarding-com-a-new-feature-rich-auto-voter

Downside of such service

There is always bad intentions, and one could use the service to just make circular queued upvoting. In an attempt to solve this, I would think it would be fair, to create a sort of "regular" checkups, on the service portal, otherwise the queue would be put on hold. Let me know what you think of this @holger80.

14.10.2019 09:17

Regards esteemed friend @forykw.

Thank you for this valuable reference.

I was reviewing the publication and I found it very interesting. The configuration options allow you to cover the requests of @project.hope and even cover other additional features.

I noticed that this post by @holger80 was made 9 months ago. Is this service currently active?

Your friend, Juan

17.10.2019 04:22

As far I can tell, yes.

17.10.2019 11:11

As I know, Actifit is using queue because of a waiting line

18.10.2019 22:38

You have a misunderstanding of efficient use of VP, @crypto.piotr. Voting does two things:

  • Rewards the author of the post you vote for
  • Grows your sp

Common STEEM wisdom tells you to vote the equivalent of 10 - 100% votes each day for best results. This is what I did for a long time.

Then I found out that voting more often would give better results. It turns out that voting down to around 75% sp gives better curation rewards, and spreads my vote to more people.

I think you are down in the weeds here. The best advice I can give is to have your people post more, interact more, and become more of a part of the STEEM community. Just vote their posts, (and other posts that interest you) and maybe do weekly curation posts to spotlight the best of what you've got.

Worrying about whether or not people get $1.50 or $1.30 from your vote is not a good use of effort in my opinion. Spending time to broaden your base of interested parties would be more effective.

Plus we have down-voting gangs now. I cannot speak for them, but using one big account to only vote a few people at 100% vp might draw attention you do not want. What you describe seems close to the idea of circle-jerking and they are currently down-voting others who take this path.

I suggest joining the curation league of @abh12345 with this account and see if you can get into the top ranks there. At least spend some time seeing what effective curators do. It is definitely not similar to your current idea.

14.10.2019 10:55

I agree with you, @fitinfun. Your advice is quite wise given the current downvoting war

16.10.2019 14:12

Regards esteemed friend @fitinfun.

This words are full of wisdom and I am sure they are the product of experience.

As you say, this may not be the most efficient use for the current SP. The efficiency to which you refer is related to the levels of SP return by curation. It is necessary to maximize these levels in order to grant ROI to delegators.

I believe that receiving a valuable vote encourages content creators. Then, playing with 80% - 100% would allow to grant 5 - 6 votes of similar value from time to time (we would have to calculate the rate of recovery of the VP) instead of just one vote at 100%.

We would have to redefine the lines of action.

Spending time to broaden your base of interested parties would be more effective.

I consider that @project.hope spends a lot of hours in trying to cordialize and interact with its fan base.

Thank you for this valuable comment.

Your friend, Juan

17.10.2019 04:39

With the sp you have now @juanmolina, You can have many more than "5 - 6 votes of similar value from time to time." Voting should be daily, not from time to time.

Currently your vp is at 98%, and you can track it here:


A full 100% vote only takes 2%. A 50% vote drains 1% vp. You want to get down to somewhere between 80%-90% vp daily for best results. You can do a lot of good with your vote, but not if you do not use it.

I know I have given you this list before, but it has recently grown. These are the people I know of from VZ. You can see which of these are active if you want to be country specific. I know they would all appreciate your vote.


17.10.2019 08:20

Thank you for included me to your list.. really appreciated..
Thank you...
Yes the down vote circle ring its back.. some of them down voting my latest posts...

17.10.2019 13:01

I'm so sorry to hear this, @tahiaarq. I hope you can get rid of them soon.Posted with

19.10.2019 02:47

don't worry about them: love is stronger ;)
they will get tired very soon, trust, me.

19.10.2019 10:47

Gracias muy amable este recordatorio este proyecto hay que darle apoyo. @fitinfun al igual que al amigo @juanmolina y a los que estan en esta lista que somos de Venezuela, una saludo.

Thank you very kind this reminder this project must be given support. @fitinfun as well as the friend @juanmolina and those on this list who are from Venezuela, greetings.

17.10.2019 17:22

You're welcome, @sacra97. I am glad to see so many of you here from VZ.Posted with

19.10.2019 02:45

I've got a solution. Contact me on telegram later and I'll explain it!

14.10.2019 11:32

Hello Piotr,
Great project bro! - You need to speak to minnowbooster (on Discord perhaps) - I believe they have bot software with the functions you need: only voting once a particular percentage of SP is achieved.

Have an awesome day!

Upvoted and resteemed :D

14.10.2019 12:11

Steemrewarding by @holger80 can do this already

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14.10.2019 12:50

Ever heard of Steem Auto?

Posted using Partiko Android

14.10.2019 13:00

You're right, I think Curation Trail can help, but if you look for a more refined solution I think the answer from @forykw can help

14.10.2019 17:56

Definitely, Curation Trail hasn´t relation to the request of @project.hope.

17.10.2019 04:43

Steemauto does not allow this type of action.

17.10.2019 04:41

You need to set the minimum voting power to 99.9% or 100% in order to enable the voting function you are desiring.

It is possible.

Use curation trail, then adjust minimum voting weight to 100%.

No votes will be issues unless the voting power is 100%, which is roughly the time frame you have discussed between votes.

17.10.2019 04:50

Please excuse me, I disagree with you.

That percentage that can be established corresponds to the weight of the vote, has nothing to do with the current value of the SP.
That is, you can give a vote with 100% weight, having the SP at 80%. You got it?

What we are looking for is to give a vote with 100% weight and 100% SP.

17.10.2019 07:05

@cadawg might you be able to wield your mighty coding skillz to help out this project?


14.10.2019 14:48

View or trade BEER.

Hey @project.hope, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

14.10.2019 14:48

Greetings @proyect.hope, for this problem unfortunately I do not have a solution in terms of software😅 .

But what occurs to me so is that knowing that for every vote cast, 100% returns every two hours, you could make use of the timer of the phone or on the pc (in google there is a tool for it) and so every time you vote puts it to run and once the time is up vote.

With a mobile app in your case I think it would be the most suitable, since most of us always have the phone at hand, so to speak.

I hope it helps✌️

14.10.2019 21:40

Creative proposal, thanks.

17.10.2019 04:44

@tipu curate

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15.10.2019 04:06
15.10.2019 04:07

teammalaysia created a bot called "Stephard" that actually monitors and controls a poster (who submitted the post in discord) in order to give a fair upvote at the same time the bot will have time to generate at least 80% above.

To be able to upvote at 100% you must allow your bot to rest for at least 30 minutes - 1.5 hours before the next upvote.

(depending on how strong your SP is)

And if you have a mass collection of writers, you will definitely need to calculate the number of posts per day and how many a bot can upvote; at the same time the same poster must wait for his / her queue for the opening to receive the 100% upvote again (while giving way to others for a chance)

Please bare in mind. We (communities) are not Saints nor God. We cannot have unlimited full power at upvotes all the time. We cannot save everyone.

When you have that thought you will be less worried and I believe your community, will be able to understand and learn to help one another (by themselves sacrifice a bit for power up to be the next curator in your project Hope).

That, is the most logical solution, before your entire idea turns into a Socialism with nothing but beggars raping the reward pool (even for the sake of survival) and ended up being sucked into unnecessary political strive since there is a separate downvote pool and will jeopardise your good intention for creative writers.

Best wishes,
@littlenewthings via @dses

15.10.2019 07:21

..good thoughts..yes, it has to be more efficient and effective..up..follow you..resteemed...

22.10.2019 13:33

What an incredible project I love the initiative and some of the tools you need would be great for a project I have in mind , would be great to talk more about things , keep up the good work !

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28.10.2019 16:47