REQUEST TO ALL PARTICIPANTS : Please STOP mentioning 'Steemcurator01' or any other curators and 'Progressivechef' PLEASE!!!

Greetings of the day lovely foodies community!

I hope you are all having a great week so far!

On my side after my car accident earlier today, I am less stressed and feeling better now specially after reading and judging over 25 Steemit Iron Chef 2021 Act 1 Round 02 entries!

BUT...I noticed something...

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I've read this so many times before and today I have a request to everyone participating in Steemit Iron Chef :

Please try not to mention 'Steemcurator01', any other curators and myself when making your post please!

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You will ask why I am requesting this...

Since the beginning of Steemit Iron Chef...I've seen a huge rise of traffic on my blog, which is great but when all SIC members starts mentioning me on their becomes difficult for me to catch important message from authors around...

Today while reading the entries...nearly everyone mentioned me...and more than 80% of participants mentioned 'steemcurator01'!!!

Now I asked myself...if I am getting over 200 many are the curators getting!??? This is simply crazzzzy!!!

I read all entries my friend, no need to mention me on your posts.

Despite all the different requests from curators, we are still seeing people doing the same...this is not a good practice my friends.

Let's make things easy for everyone please, I know you can do it!

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I know you all want to get the attention of curators for getting some upvotes on your posts!

But please note that nothing guarantees you a vote when fact you can even be missed by the curators when mentioning them...

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You will notice on my posts, it is very rare that I mention the curators...I name them but I don't write the '@' for not disturbing them for no reason.

I hope this post is clear and will be respected now on!

As from next round, once I see the mentioning of curators on your entries...I am sorry to say it...

You will lose some precious points!

The curators do check the Steemit Iron Chef Community and are giving support to many of you, but it is simply impossible to give to all, I am sure you understand this my dear friends.

Let's show example to everyone else on Steemit that we foodies can do it and we will stop the mentioning as from now!

I hope you will understand this post and try make your best!

Please do resteem so that more users see this request.


You can mention, only when you really need attention for important things.

And this apply to everyone, not only to the curators or me!

Thank you!
Wish you well!


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Dios cada día aprendo algo nuevo de las reglas de steemit ya que soy nueva en esta plataforma estaré atenta a cada consejo gracias por la información.

26.05.2021 23:43

Hello my friend! Well actually there's no such rules on Steemit, I rather call it good practice. If everyone mention the curators and organizer, we get 1000s of notifications each day and it is really disturbing as we can miss important ones.

28.05.2021 10:53

Yes very true, mentioning someone just to caught attention is not a good idea at all.

27.05.2021 02:06

Absolutely my friend! The last days it has been many notifications on my blog...I wondered what was happening! hahaha!
I hope the participants of SIC shows the good way to everyone.

28.05.2021 10:51

Thank you !

27.05.2021 02:36

You are most welcome!
I was getting crazy seeing all these notifications the last 15 days...and saw so many people mentioning your account and mine also on all their posts...this is really a very bad practice and will keep warning the participant to stop this until they all stop! I wonder you must be getting 1000s of these mentions each day!

28.05.2021 10:50

Yes we do get a lot !

28.05.2021 12:17

sir, i hope you can visit steemcoffee tag

28.05.2021 14:01

Gracias por tan valiosa información. SALUDOS

27.05.2021 02:40

You are most welcomed my friend! Let's blog and use steemit without being a trouble to another one.
Thanks for your visit!

28.05.2021 10:54

Gracias por tu valiosa sugerencia, la tomare en cuenta de ahora en adelante.

28.05.2021 01:58

Please my friend, if we all put hands together we can stop this and make everyone's experience better on the platform.
By mentioning the curators, it doesn't change anything on your post.
Thanks for the understanding my friend!
Wish you well!

28.05.2021 10:56

Buena acotación amigo saludos feliz noche!

28.05.2021 02:11

Thanks so much for taking notes of the suggestions/advises for a better experience on Steemit my friend!
Wish you a great day/evening ahead!
Stay Blessed!

28.05.2021 10:57

You're right. I never mentioned the steemit team. because I know it will not affect to my post. Steem on..

28.05.2021 12:28

You are doing it right then my friend. We just have to do our blog, make the highest quality post and support each other - success will surely follow!

30.05.2021 13:34

En cuenta, muchas gracias. Bendiciones !

28.05.2021 19:06

Yeah this is so true. Mentioning someone who in steemteam is really annoying to them.

I found out about this community myself yesterday. It feels different than other communities . In fact, such a change should take place here on steemit. Quality articles seem to have received a good rating. I appreciate you for starting a community like this.👏🏻☺️

30.05.2021 14:59