Spongebob Game Yummer

I haven't seen anyone talk about this yet so I think I can, credit to anyone who has already. Anyways there is a Spongebob game called Spongebob saves the day!
spongebob saves the day!.jpg
This game will seem pretty normal at first, I mean after all its a kids browser game. Everything will be normal at first until you get to this screen
After finishing the dialogue with Mr Krabs everything will go as appears. Unless, you dig deep into the files of the game using inspect element or if your on mac use inspect element on there. After searching through the files you will find a horrific sight.
What the hell even is that??
This is a kids game may you know, its not actually in the game. But its in the files and I am very curious on why they have this in a sponge bob game. I don't believe they removed it from the files yet but if they did please let me know. The file is called Yummer and that is what Yummer looks like. I really wonder what he was going to be used for, until they realized this is a kids game not a horror game.
Thanks for reading if you wanna try it yourself just again go on a web browser such as chrome and use inspect element once you get into the Krusty Krab and search through the files. Disclaimer: It is much harder to find on Mozzilla Firefox and Chrome then Safari. You will have better luck finding the file on Safari
Again thank you for reading, let me know if you guys want more weird bugs and hidden things never meant to be found
Credit to Oddheader on youtube for the idea on topics

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