Account low

My balance is i add CHL in my accout.please help me@citimillz and @challengedac.thank you.

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hmm i tried to send you 100 chl but it says account not found? @chaceeskam whats up with this?

well i still sent your steem account 1000 CHLP :)
AHHH I think maybe i cannot send any CHl in the app just WITHDRAW to an actual account and the CHL in the challengeyou is a smart contract chl thats non tradable? Seems like only @challengeyou can move those? Your work in smart contracts and blockchain never ceases to amaze me! (ackza speaking btw )

03.12.2019 13:12

I tried sending you some! Did you receive them?Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 2.49.00 PM.png

03.12.2019 22:50

Thank you for promoting @challengedac app. 100% Upvote given!

06.12.2019 03:06