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White Lotus- Symbol of Purity

Have you seen beautiful white lotus? They are very rare and also considered pure flowers in the world. Many religion believes that even people consider it as the purity of life and they think this is the purest flower in the universe. History used to believe in that but don't know about now whether people believe in it or not. It is a symbolic flower and signifies purity, dignity, beauty, and wealth.

I can't fully remember when I took this picture because it is a long time ago. probably 6-7 years before when I went to North Bengal for a quick trip. It was a small village where I found this large pond of white lotus. Nobody touches those and they just enjoy the beauty thinking about purity of mind. What do you think? Do you have any idea about white lotus?


Location: North Bengal Bangladesh
Device: Nikon D5000
Editing Software: Picasa

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