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My Favourite Cartoon| Steem Sri Lanka 3G Contest Series| Week 03

Well, I love to recall my sweet memories of my childhood, the colorful day with no boundaries, no responsibilities. My fresh kid's mind used to think about playing with dolls and used to wait eagerly to watch cartoon series. Yesterday I was trying to remember the names of the cartoons that I used to watch. The first thing that came into my mind was the name of " TOM & JERRY ", an American cartoon series by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, 1940. I can't imagine how old this cartoon series is...I used to watch Dexter's Laboratory, Powerpuff girls, captain planet, Scooby dooby doo, Adam's Family, Buggs Bunny, Ben 10, and many more. But among them, one of the names I wanna mention especially as my favorite cartoon and that is " TOM & JERRY ", the cartoon series, that always helps me to recall my beautiful childhood and makes me feel alive once again. Or I can say, this cartoon always gives me the chance of walking into my magical memory lane.

Tom & Jerry


When I was 4-5 years old, I was introduced to Tom & Jerry; a story of a grey cat and brown mouse. Every day I used to watch this cartoon on Cartoon Network, for 30 minutes. Same time, same channel every day and during the weekend, cartoon network used to broadcast 1-hour show of Tom & Jerry. Nostalgic moments and I used to enjoy a lot this cartoon series. Even I used to finish my homework before the show/episode so that my mom let me watch it without any complaint.

So, you can say I am one of the crazy fans of Tom & Jerry.


I used to like Tom because Jerry was clever. Even my friends used to like Jerry but I always stood on Tom's side. The reason is very simple, Tom was cute and always fall behind because of Jerry's cunning abilities. Jerry is a clever mouse and loves food especially cheese but often notices Tom's movement. Housecat Tom most of the time fails in front of Jerry's reckless activities. But yes, Tom sometimes destroys the entire house because he doesn't care about anything except chasing Jerry. Tom likes beautiful girl cats too...

You set my soul on fire...

But sometimes Tom & Jerry become best friends too when their goal is the same. I have seen that in some episodes.

Tom uses many tools like traps, axe, hammers, knives, explosives, poison to kill Jerry but on the other hand, Jerry's retaliation is more violent but funny to watch. Even in some cases, Tom ends up losing his head or with a sliced body... Hahaha...

An ironic moment to me was the refrigerator story and when Spike (the bulldog) tries to chase Tom and beat him hard... So funny...

I also like Nibble, a grey orphan mouse who is a carefree and cute little fellow of Jerry mouse.


I was a crazy fan of Tom and Jerry and I used to collect cards, stickers of these two characters. Even I had a pencil box, waterbottle of Tom & Jerry logo.

I am sure many people love Tom & Jerry and because of the plot, cinematography, and character, this cartoon became a world-famous cartoon. I know still, kids love to watch the series and episodes of Tom & Jerry. Not only they represent the true character of cat and mouse but also they leave the lesson of true friendship.

Yes, true friendship because Tom or Jerry used to feel alone when they are away from each other. They miss each other and often show that how much they love each other. We often fight with those whom we love most, we can't stay with them and they are necessary for our life. Without them, we feel empty...

Tom and Jerry's characters show that confidence is the key and try hard until you fail. That's why Tom never stops chasing Jerry no matter how much time he fails to kill Jerry. Jerry proved, size is just a number, intelligence and ideas matter a lot...


Whenever I get time I still watch this cartoon to refresh my mind and recalling my sweet memories. I guess this cartoon will be loved by every generation.

Because Tom and Jerry are alive in the heart of every generation.

Thanks to @steem-sri.lanka and @ashen99 for giving me the chance to write my thoughts and thanks for taking me into a nostalgic moment.

This is my entry to my favorite cartoon contest...




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