Think twice before reaching any conclusion... EN/BNG

One of the recent situations urged me to create this video for everyone and I also felt I should talk about it. The online social media world is strange and trolls are everywhere. I have talked about trolls before, almost one year ago where I discussed how trolling and bullying can affect someone's life. But this video is kinda different. Here, not only I talked about trolls but also I talked about the decision that people make on the basis of assumptions without thinking twice. Also, in life, we took decisions without doing any research and regret later. I have seen some people who judge books based on the cover.

Some people's attitude is like they know everything and they think their assumption is correct without knowing the entire situation. Later their foolishness and judgment cause great damage to the social and personal life...

Watch my vlog for more details...



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25.04.2021 10:16

Great video, and those are some great life tips!

26.04.2021 14:06