Wow i'm happy to be here again my health has been unstable and i've missed a lot. And i've also reeduced my team points i've been sick to the bones, emotionally and mentally i've been down. Since i stopped posting in the diary game not all that much of activities but only on monday 14/8/2020 when my parents celebrated their 21years marriage anniversary

Mum and dad receiving prayers from the ministers in church

Mum and dad

Now lets go through how i spent my today.
I woke up today sound went on with my house chores of washing and cleaning. After which i went on with folding my clothes and doing all other minor works at home.

Felt down deeply but after speaking to @greatness96 i felt some relive and i decided to log in today. He advisced i write out how i feel with that i will feel better.

Did lots and lots of folding and work today. i have completed a story on my game Episodes. It was really fun and i'm looking forward to completing more stories in the game despite all my time of not feelling not feeling well the game make me happiy and relaxed.

The kiss list screenshot

And after the completion of the game i took a nap when i woke up i got ready for church because today begins our one week program
towards our 2yrs anniversary as a church. My church is Royal grace life assembly.

Today the day one of the programme THEME: OUT OF LODEBAR startedd well and our very own assistant pst He spoke on a topic tittled HELP FROM THE PALACE
He mentioned that our helper no matter what it takes and no matter our state we are in our helper if from God will settle but from men helpers there will be delay or coditions attached to the help.

After service i did the necessary tasks and i took off to the house i got home i ate refreshed and here ends my diary game .

Im a member of teamg-nigeria And here is a link to our post

And check out my this is me post here

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Happy anniversary for your parents

And enjoy your life

18.08.2020 01:28

Thank you

18.08.2020 04:51

Great to have you back to the game. Nice to see how happy your parents are in their 21 years. Now, I can guess your age,lol.

Sorry about the down times you went through, if it were possible I would have come with members of the team to see you.

Please don't forget to always include links to your introduction post and team announcement post, then mention the team you belong to.


onepercent #nigeria

18.08.2020 04:34

Thanks alot sir

18.08.2020 04:51