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Our technological innovations changed our lives drastically especially this modern time. We can do whatever we want and conduct all activities through digital. Online Gambling is now considered as part of the entertainment industry because of a strong emotional connection between players and the game. It is more convenient for older generations with our technological advancement in online gambling because they are enjoying playing using their mobile devices and also, they can play from the comfort of their homes. Online gambling is also appealing to younger generations and millennials because they are the first to understand the new technologies which they can easily navigate like smartphones.

According to Adroit Market Research, the rapid growth of smartphones leads online gambling market at a CAGR of 9.8% during its forecast period. It also stated that Sports betting dominated the online gambling market in 2018 due to the fact that online gambling is legal on a large number of countries like Germany, Italy, UK, and France. By 2025, it is estimated for online gambling to reach $80.65 billion because of continuous penetration of internet and increasing adoption for smartphones and tablets amongst younger generations.

We cannot deny that Online Gambling has evolved throughout years and it continuously gaining momentum to outperform offline-based casinos in terms of revenue and trends. Developers from companies continuously adapt online gambling into various cultures globally. As our technological innovations developed, different forms of gambling have also been improved to provide worthy gaming services that suit to player’s needs. There are different genres and variations in terms of selection of games on the internet. You can play as many games as you want on a website and most games can play for free. While there is also social online gambling for those who want human contact while playing. There are major forms of online games where players can gamble online such as sports betting sites, online casinos, poker sites, and online lotteries.

Online casino is the most complex and very trendsetter form of online gambling since it reached a rank in the top ten best online gambling sites. The technological innovations and convenience playing at home offered by Online Casinos drive an idea on using cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for the transparency of data history of games and security of your funds as well. Protected by encryption, cryptocurrencies can be used for faster and cheaper transactions. Blockchain technology, well known as a decentralized and immutable ledger, is truly a game-changer in online casinos because all transactions and actions done by a player and the game are reflected and it would prevent to manipulate the game and funds as well.

Introducing BetTronLive
BetTronLive is a TRON network blockchain-based live dealer casino with the goal to take user experience into the next level. The combination of blockchain technology and live dealer gaming makes BetTronLive a truly innovative gambling project. What will players love on this platform is they can easily enjoy a realistic and actual live dealer game from the comfort of their homes.

Why TRON Network?
Although most casinos use Ethereum blockchain because it was the first to offer smart contracts, BetTronLive uses TRON network which is considered one of the biggest blockchain-based operating systems globally. Tron eliminates any middleman to easily connect the content creators and content consumers with the use of blockchain and P2P network technology features. It is a big advantage to all users who publish and run applications on the TRON network because it gives them an equal chance to earn profit from the triumph of their projects. Tron blockchain is very useful for gambling that becomes a primary use case due to the rapid growth of blockchain technology. With its high-capacity of 2000 transactions per second, TRON encourages an equal and transparent process for the growth and deployment of Decentralized Applications (DApp).

BetTronLive’s Game Structure
The uniqueness and realistic games offered by BetTronLive platform take user’s experience into the next level. Live dealer games will be the main focus of BetTronlive that generates new levels across the online gambling industry. Players will surely enjoy the realistic online gambling with its live dealers because they will be systematically updated to increase their options.

Here are the different forms of games offered by BetTronLive:
1.Live Dealer
The features of a Live Dealer brings a unique feeling to players because they can get the same ambiance as land-based casinos globally without any physical contact. There will be a live chat for the community of dealers and players where they can share their ideas and strategy of the game. It also advantages to have live stream cameras for monitoring the actions of the dealer and the table. All results of the game will be evaluated and transferred to the interface of the player by the system of game result recognition.

2.Baccarat, Blackjack, Sic Bo
To identify the standard deck of members who play cards, a card recognition system will be applied by BetTronLive. There will be high-resolution cameras for monitoring the dealer table and will provide a bigger viewing for Baccarat, Blackjack and Sic Bo games to recognize the color, suit, face card character, image segmentation and other features of cards.

There will also a live Sports Booking on BetTronLive platform where players can place their bets before the start of or during the sports events or games which they can feel the happiness and convenience while betting-at home. Because of well-improved user experience, players are always updated with their choice of sports events or they can watch actual games. Because BetTronLive is a blockchain-based platform, its modernized technology boosts live in-play sports betting events that ensure all data are protected and all mobile access on the site will be secured.

There is a variety of selection of games that will be expanded and released on the platform of BetTronLive. There will be traditional and blockchain-based games exclusive only on BetTronlive like a poker game called PRK TRON. There will also mining games which users can mine RAKE Tokens while playing. The support team of BetTronLive platform will be dedicated to help clients such as troubleshooting, answering questions and FAQ guides for user’s preference.

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