HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA (2012).- Comedy, animation to enjoy with the family

Sometimes life hits you hard that the least you want is for your children to experience the same pain that you experienced, as a father we wish the best for our children, but sometimes we can be a very overprotective father, we do not give our children freedom, that we want to always be together with us to protect him from everything bad….


A bit of history

This is a hotel that Count Dracula has manufactured for the protection of his daughter and other friends who wish to vacation, before this Hotel is a haunted forest so that adjacent people do not enter, then comes a haunted village. Count Dracula is planning his daughter's 118 years and invites his friends as Frankenstein "Frank" and his wife Eunice, Murray the Mummy, the werewolves Wayne and Wanda, Griffin the Invisible Man, Big Foot among other creatures that will enjoy of his magnificent hotel. Mavis Dracula's daughter tells him that he has reached the age of majority that he wants to go out to meet humans, or go to Paraiso city, where he became a mother and he made a clip. Dracula tells him that he has already invited his friends to his meeting for his birthday, but he can reach the nearest village and meet. But he sends her to that place, because it is the village that he built to scare the humans, in that you send his servants to scare his daughter Mavis.

In that Mavis arrives at the village, begins to try to make friends, but the disguised servants scare her and she returns frightened disappointed of the humans, which was what Count Dracula wanted, to disappoint his daughter of the humans. But Dracula does not realize that there is a very curious young man near the village, who followed his servants to the Hotel, in that Jonathan arrives at the hotel, Dracula realizes this, before the creatures realize that humans have entered, He takes him to a room and interrogates him, to which he explains how he arrived, when Dracula saw that the disguises of a Frankenstein Cousin were not evil, he made him come to help him with his daughter Mavis's party. Jhonathan put almost hotel on his head, making everyone have fun, but what Dracula does not tell is that his daughter Mavis and Jhonathan made a clip, love arises between his daughter and a human.



It is a very funny animated movie that you can enjoy as a family, each of its characters has a comic feature that you will not stop laughing. The sound and colors are spectacular we can see a moderately entertaining movie. The voices of their actors put that special touch to each character. In this sense there is nothing to say, in short it is good.

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So fantastic movie~~

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