"KUPIAH MEUKEUTOP" The pride of the people of Aceh


Besides its very unique shape, KUPIAH MEUKEUTOP has a very deep philosophy. Starting from the selection of colors to each part in the hat, representing the values ​​of cultural wealth from Aceh.

KUPIAH MEUKEUTOP is a symbol of the pride of Acehnese men. Usually this hat is used during traditional wedding ceremonies in Aceh. KUPIAH MEUKEUTOP is made of red and yellow basic cloth. Woven knitted together, forming a circle. Lower edge KUPIAH, there are woven motifs in black, green, red and yellow. Similar plaits are also found in the middle, which is bounded by a circle of green cloth above it, and a black cloth at the bottom.

In the lower head circle, there is a more dominant motif, shaped "lam" in hijaiyah letters. But there is a line connecting between the bottom and the top of the motif. The same motif is also found in the upper head circle. It's just smaller in size. At the very top, there is a knit of white yarn as the base of the golden yellow crown, three stories.


This profound philosophy about "KUPIAH MEUKEUTOP" is found in color taking. The color red symbolizes heroism, yellow means kingdom or state, green indicates religion, black means firmness or firmness, while white means purity or sincerity.

Just like the color "KUPIAH MEUKEUTOP", every part in this hat also has its own meaning. In the first part it means law, the second part means adat, while in the third part it means qanun (regulation), and in the fourth part it means reusam (legal reference).

If we look from the historical side, "KUPIAH MEUKEUTOP" is identified with a big hat that is often used by the National Hero from Aceh, Teuku Umar. In fact, the Panglima Polem (1845-1879) also took this hat. While in the kingdom of Aceh Darussalam under the leadership of Sultan Iskandar Muda, this hat needs to be worn in daily activities.


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