Hi every body my greetings to all of you, I believe it's been a long time but I'll just move on. today I woke up at past 6:00am, as soon as I woke up, I started with my bed and when I was done aranging my bed, I quickly took my toothbrush and brushed my teeth as fast as I could because my mum was already outside waiting for me and my junior once because we had to go to the farm so I quickly went outside and we started going to the farm and by that time it was about pass 7:00am so when we reached the farm we started with the work it was about 7:30am



So we worked and worked until when we started filling hungry it was about 11:00am and the reason why we were hungry was because we left the house without eating, oh my God what a big mistake we did, so we came back home and we got some food and enjoyed our selfs the food was really amazing.
IMG_20210512_124105_120.jpgSo when I finished eating it was about 12:00pm and I had to go to church 1:00pm so I went into the bath room and I took my bath before I was done from the bathroom it was about 12:20pm so I just put my clothes on and after dressing I went to my friends house and we left for church
and before we reached the church it was about 1:10pm which means I was ten minutes late so we did the practice for about two hours and everything went well thanks to @nickzy because he was also there for the practice and he really supported us thanks ones more I hope you enjoy my diary game when you read it, and I hope to read your own as well.

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