Daily - Prayer 12-11-20


Good morning my great people, trust you all had sweet night. thank God it's another beautiful week.

It's time to pray to our Father in Heaven through our Daily-Prayer. We need to let the fire of prayer be on always.

God bless you as you pray

  1. "From henceforth expecting till his (your) enemies be made his (your) footstool. Let God arise and defend defend me and my projects. Let every enemy of my progress be put under my footstool henceforth. I cross to my season of favour, anointing and express lifting, forgiveness, holiness and divine purpose in Jesus name. Hebrew 10:10-17.
  2. " So the people rested on the seventh day" Lord, give me rest, peace and Joy. Let me not breakdown but increase my strength. Make life worth living as you pour your blessings on all I lay my hands to do. Raise helpers for me and fulfil my dreams as you will give me rest round about. Exodus 16:21-30.

3." And Jesus begat David the King". Make my womb fruitful let kings, great man and honourables emerge from my family. We regret slavery, stagnation and we shall not beg in my family in Jesus name. Open heavens of special blessings for me and my family. Matthew 1:6-16


Prayer is the master key to all problems. Its the key to open every shot doors. No matter how the situation you are,  Prayer changes every situations. And pray for somebody who sick around you, also pray for your country.

Thank you for your time. And have and amazing day.


Always Remember To Pray For Your Love Once.

Still Me, @Princefm.

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