The Dairy Game | Tuesday, 2 March 2021 | Better Life With Steem | by @preye2

Hello Friends,

Today was really fun and filled with so much excitement for me, though this week generally has been very stressful due to the fact that our exams are about to start (next week) and there are alot left to do.

I woke up by 5am today with the thoughts of the submission of my revision works, and I said my prayers, arranged my room, washed a few clothes and took a warm bath because the weather was extremely cold over here this morning at Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic Unwana.

I finished preparing for class around 7:30am, quite early. I got to the department and luckily for me the 8am class didn't hold so I used that opportunity to go see my project supervisor and pick up my project work.

I was with my supervisor from around 8 till around 12:00pm, so as to finish up what's needed before the exams begin. I was very busy today, because through out the morning I was really working.

I became hungry due to the fact that I had not eaten anything since morning, so by 12:30pm I went to a restaurant to have my lunch with two of my friends, and we decided to take some pictures, and show #steemit how our day went.


I and My Friends (bright and destiny)

While we were at the restaurant, we were allowed to wake around the restaurant and to equally take some pictures (which we did).
I got home by 2pm, I was really tired and needed rest, but when I remember the tasks on my hand and ahead me, sleep becomes a taboo to my eyes.

I had to do my project work, because the exams are really coming closer, and I have less time to do what I need to do, so by 5pm I decided to start preparing what I would eat in the evening. So I went to the market and bought items used for preparing soup (egusi soup and garri).


Egusi soup and Garri

I finished cooking by 8pm, and I started eating immediately I finished cooking because I was so hungry and tired, I finished the whole food and I went back to finish my project before I could retire for the day.

By 9pm I was done with my project work and I took my bath and lied on my bed to sleep, but I taught to myself let me share my first #dairygame which was a stressful and busy day with the wonderful Steemit platform. So as I write to you with love I wish you all a sweet and blessed night rest.

Thank you all for reading.

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