A lot of us have heard people scream at us that we are being judgmental. Most times it was never our intent but then because we do not know the signs we unknowingly judge others. Here are the signs that you are being judgmental to someone.


  • When you judge people for sinning differently from our sins and make it feel like lying is less of a sin than murder.
  • When you refuse to genuinely forgive people and make it a constant habit to always bring up their past as an excuse to be cold towards them.
  • When you refuse to receive criticism from others or admit that you have faults.
  • When you cut off people just because they do not share your opinions. Everybody must not agree on one thing and it is certainly not right to force your opinion on people. Disagreeing with people over politics or religion isn’t betrayal and even if it is to you, we still must not judge. Jesus did not judge Judas.
  • Gossiping about other people does not give them a chance to change. At least if you judged someone to their face, they could do something about it.
  • As a Christian, when you refuse to correct someone, either because you don’t believe that the Bible is true, or because you don’t think they can actually change, you are judging them without giving them the chance to receive grace.
  • Most of the time we tell people the right thing to do but in secret we are doing otherwise and when we see the same people we advised to do good, doing the exact thing we do in secrete we get angry and begin to judge them when in reality it is really ourselves we are judging.
  • If you write someone off as hopeless, it means you would rather your friends suffer the full consequences of their sins than speak up to help them. Where would you be if not for the courage of others to speak difficult truths into your life?


Do not judge others by withholding truth or speaking the truth to them without grace. Give them both. Truth and Grace. Because like they say:

“Truth without grace is judgmental fundamentalism; grace without truth is liberal sentimentality. The gospel combines both.

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Hi @pretydami, this article contains truths based on principles. I'm glad to greet you. Happy and long life.

08.08.2020 22:51

Hello @mariita52, I am glad you find this article useful. If we lookout for most of these signs the society will get better. Thanks for the well wishes.

09.08.2020 10:27

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